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Apartment Moving

We tackle apartment moves with extreme dedication and efficiency. We know how quickly your move can go south - but we will make sure that is never an option.


Apartment moving - difficult or easy?

If you’re thinking apartment moving is easy just because it might be smaller than a residential move, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Apartment moving requires attention to detail, extreme caution, and proper planning in order to execute it correctly.

On the other hand, yes, apartment moves are generally much smaller than other move types. This can make it easier in terms of heavy lifting and being quick, but there are other tricky situations you need to avoid in order to actually make it easy.

You need apartment movers that know how to navigate the many moving obstacles you can encounter before and after your move. They need to be responsive and communicative. Moving out of a building means that there are more than two parties involved in the process, and your apartment movers need to be ready to coordinate everything to perfection.

Things to do before hiring apartment movers

Check if your building management requires the following for your move:

  • A Certificate of Insurance
  • An elevator reservation
  • A moving reservation (some buildings have specific time slots for moving)
  • Floor or elevator protection
  • Reserving the loading dock
mover with dolly

What should you ask your apartment movers?

1 What arrival windows are available?.

If the company you are calling is only available late afternoon on your moving date, and your building allows moves in the morning only - that won’t really work. The same goes with elevator or loading dock reservations - you want the times to align. Let this be one of the first questions you ask.

2 Do you provide a Certificate of Insurance?

Most buildings will require a COI from your selected apartment movers, so make sure to ask if the company can provide it for you and if it is included or an extra charge.

3 Do I need to purchase moving dollies?

Moving an apartment is almost impossible without dollies so make sure to ask about them when calling for quotes, and if they are charged additionally.

4 Do you have floor/elevator protection?

You need to know if your company provides some type of protection if your building requires it. Your building management might require something specific like masonite - you want to make sure your company is aware.