Campbell Professional Movers

Campbell Professional Movers

Have you been thinking about moving to another part of the City of Campbell? With a few neighborhoods to explore, you will certainly be able to find your perfect nest. And if you have already chosen the spot where you’ll settle, then it is the right moment to start considering the moving company that will take care of your moving process. Luckily, you do not need to worry, because with Campbell Professional Movers you will be in very good hands. We will handle all the nuisances this process entails. You’ll be sitting comfortably in your new and soft couch in the blink of an eye!

Campbell Professional Movers are an affordable and trustworthy moving company that will try hard to respond to all your needs and requests. Do not hesitate to ask us anything that comes to your mind or make special requests, since we’ll do anything that is in our power. You can be certain that our moving experts will handle your valuable belongings with utmost care, both the tiny and the bulky ones. We have both large and small moving boxes and bags, which you will get for free. We are offering a wide range of services, residential or corporate.

We will do the packing and unpacking for you, loading and unloading, among various other services. If you’d like to know more about your moving process, our 24/7 call service is always at your disposal! Years of moving experience in Campbell have helped us to truly understand what our clients’ needs are. We are aware that finding a perfect home, a home that is both spacious, modern and affordable, is a very difficult task, so for that reason we prepared a short text for you about Campbel and its real estate market to help you with choosing an ideal place to live.

About Campbell, CA:

Campbell is a city situated in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is a part of Santa Clara County and therefore of the Silicon Valley. Despite the smaller number of citizens, which is around 40,000 people, Campbell is a city whose popularity is growing every second. It has a very convenient location and a climate, so it might become another technological hub in this part of the country. For instance, the founder of eBay, Pierre Omidyar, and the company itself, are precisely from this city. A mixture of tradition and modernism makes this place one of the perfect spots to settle in.

The climate in Campbell is similar to other cities in the Bay Area, which means that it enjoys the Mediterranean climate where summers are warm and dry, and winters cool and moist. Campbell is a city full of recreational outdoor activities, a city with beautiful parks and sports fields. It is a city tailored to everyone’s needs, both for the youth and the elderly. This place is ideal for people who want to find tranquility, but also for those more adventurous who want to enjoy all the pleasures that Campbell’s appearance offers. This city also realises how important it is to cherish art, so you’ll have a chance to participate in many artistic workshops, or to watch street buskers performing in Downtown. This ever-developing city won’t leave you indifferent!


Things to do in Campbell:

  1. Downtown Campbell Farmer’s Market – If you are trying to live a healthier life and eat fresh and organic food, this place is perfect for you! They also have a gluten-free bakery where you can buy delicious sandwiches! This place attracts a lot of tourists, so be sure to come on time to catch your parking spot!
  2. Ainsley House – This city dates back to Ainsley House, which was a small canning ’factory’ that helped Campbell get a name of a ’canning mecca’. This heritage is well preserved and transmits the California’s spirit from a century ago. Apart from being a kind of museum, many wedding receptions occur in Ainsley House.
  3. Campbell Historical Museum – This is an old fire house turned into a museum that depicts Campbell’s past in a very convenient way. It is a great place to visit with your family, where every family member will have some interesting exhibits to see, such as historic cars, or its canning industry. Admission is not at all high ($3), and it doesn’t take long to visit.
  4. The Pruneyard – The Pruneyard is a shopping mall with a variety of places to shop, as well as to eat and drink, or watch a movie. This is a great place for families, since everyone will find something to their taste. However, if you’d like to visit The Pruneyard, make sure that you have a whole day for it!

Campbell Real Estate Market Overview:

It is never easy to find a home that fits you in every aspect, regarding neighborhood, size, style, and price. But you shouldn’t feel disheartened, since there are numerous online websites where you can find a home to buy or rent. Here are some of our suggestions for searching a perfect place to live:

  1. – is a very informative guide that helps in choosing a perfect place to live. Apart from the information about Campbell real estate market, it will give you useful details about its demographics, education, amenities, lifestyles, etc. It is simple to use and it provides a comprehensive overview of all the factors you need to examine before moving to a new place. According to, the median sales price of homes is $1,130,000, with a square foot of approximately $709, while renting a home in Campbell will cost you about $3,447. On, you can find 46 resales and new homes, including 9 open houses and 18 in the pre-foreclosure, auction or bank-owned stages of the foreclosure process. If you’d like to take a closer look at Trulia’s website.
  2. – offers relevant up-to-date information about houses for rent and sale in Campbell, as well as in many other cities around the US. Similar to, has maps and charts that will help you drift through the website more easily. Local agents with whom you can easily get in touch with can assist you in finding your future nest. Their real estate offer is very wide at the moment, with more than 110 million houses in the States. In Campbell, there are 35 homes for sale, while the median home values estimate is slightly lower than on the previously mentioned website ($1,055,100). For more information about Campbell’s real estate follow this link.
  3. – is a low-cost website where you can find a place to rent for a couple of days, of for a longer period of time. It is very reliable and trustworthy, since you have reviews about the landlords by their previous tenants posted on the website. This can be proven by the number of Airbnb’s current world-wide users, which is more than 150,000,000. In order to check the available options for renting in Campbell, you can visit Airbnb’s website on this link.

If we have helped you a bit, and you are ready to move to your brighter future, don’t waste a second longer, but call Campbell Professional Movers to arrange your moving date. We are looking forward to working with you!

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