Dublin Professional Movers

Dublin Professional Movers

Dublin is another high-tech hub of the San Francisco Bay, so it is attracting more and more young professionals who want to live and work here. It is also very close to San Francisco (35 miles), so many people consider moving to Dublin due to the lower rental rates. If you are, however, already living in Dublin and want to move to a more spacious and comfortable home, you should start considering which moving company you will choose. Dublin Professional Movers is an experienced moving company who will assist you in anything you have in mind. A relocation process is usually very complex and tedious, but we  will make it process a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Dublin Professional Movers are an efficient company that finishes its job in the blink of an eye. Our experts are experienced, very well-trained, and of course, hard-working. They are attentive listeners who will always try to respond to your requests in the best possible manner. Our company offers reliable moving services, residential or corporate. They include packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, climate-controlled storage services, among many others! Your tiny belongings as well as you bulky cargos will be safe when travelling with Dublin Professional Movers. To find out more about the services we offer, feel free to contact our 24/7 service that is always at your disposal!

We want to make this, at first glance tedious and complicated process, as easy as possible for you. We want to ensure that it was completely stress-free for you, so that you can let your hair down while our professional movers deal with the boring part of the task. In the meantime, you can have a look at the text we created for you about Dublin.

About Dublin, CA

Dublin is a city situated in the East San Francisco and is a part of Alameda County. Major cities that are close to Dublin are San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland, with which it has very good transit connections. Dublin was, as you could assume, named after the Ireland’s capital. This city has been developing very rapidly in the past 10 years, since more and more high-tech companies choose precisely this city as their headquarters. Besides, its real estate prices are somewhat lower than in the rest of the Bay Area, so this is a very convenient area to move to money-wise.

Similar to other San Francisco Bay Area cities, Dublin enjoys the Mediterranean climate. Days are usually sunny and precipitation is half lower than the US average, while snow is rarer. The average summer temperatures are around 87 ⁰F, while winter temperatures average 39 ⁰F.

Dublin’s hilly terrain and its picturesque greenery makes this area very beautiful, especially during the spring and summer. Wonderful parks, gardens, lawns, and golf courses will mesmerize children and those who are outdoorsy types – you can visit Dublin Ranch Golf Course, Dublin Heritage Park and Museums or Dublin Hills Regional Park. If you like reading, then you’ll be a regular visitor of Dublin Public Library.

Apart from amazing nature, the city has many locations where you can go shopping, such as Target or numerous outlet stores. You won’t be disappointed when it comes to eateries or cafes either! Due to the great ethnic diversity, there are divers cuisines – from Japanese, Korean or Vietnamese, to Greek, Mexican or Persian – and the list is getting bigger and bigger! Schools in Dublin have started in With BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), stylish restaurants, amazing weather, the proximity to the large Bay Area cities, and other conveniences, Dublin seems as a perfect fast-developing city to live in.

Dublin Real Estate Market Overview

In order to make the search for a perfect home easier for you, we created a short list of some of the most reliable and affordable online real estate markets, so if you still haven’t chosen where you will settle from now on, you can explore some of these pages:

  • Trulia.com – If you are interested in buying a new house or apartment in Dublin, we recommend that you visit Trulia’s website. It is extremely easy to use and it offers a comprehensive overview of the factors you need to take into consideration when choosing your future home, such as housing price, demographics, education, lifestyle, etc. Trulia is offering 67 homes for sale at the moment, 18 of which are open houses and 29 in the pre-foreclosure or auction. According to the website, its medial sales home price is around $730,000, with a square foot of $454, while renting a home on a monthly basis will cost you around $3,350.
  • Zillow.com – Zillow helps people find their new home more easily, with the help of interactive maps that are simple to use. On Zillow.com, you can filter your search according to the price, type, number of rooms, bathrooms, location, amenities, etc. Currently, Zillow has 144 homes for sale and there are homes to everyone’s taste. Even though housing prices in Dublin are not low compared to the rest of the U.S., you can still find homes that don’t exceed your budget. Compared to Trulia.com, the median sales price of homes on Zillow.com is slightly higher with $778,400 per house.
  • Airbnb.com – Not everyone can afford to buy a new place to live at the moment, so renting one is always an option. Airbnb.com is a reliable online real estate market, where you can get in touch with landlords directly and read reviews about them by their previous tenants. It is quite affordable and its ever-growing network of loyal customers is proving that it is very effective when helping people find a place to stay or rent for a longer or shorter period of time. To check out their current offer, visit this website/li>

If this article was helpful and you have chosen your future home, you should hesitate no more! Contact our 24/7 service to schedule your moving date and start your trip to a brighter future with Dublin Professional Movers.

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