Livermore Professional Movers

Livermore Professional Movers

Have you been thinking about moving to a more spacious and comfortable place in Livermore but you can’t take on the task of moving because it seems too complex and nerve-racking? You don’t have to worry anymore and postpone the beginning of your new life since with Livermore Professional Movers nothing’s too difficult! Once you have chosen your future home, Livermore Professional Movers will take care of everything else and turn your transition process into an enjoyable journey.

Our professional movers are hard-working and reliable people whom you can always trust. They will listen to all your request and suggestions attentively, so that your moving process can go without any complications. You can just lie back and our trustworthy staff will take care of all the nuisances that a moving process entails, such as packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, moving supplies, etc. It doesn’t matter what kind of relocation process you’re into – residential or corporate, Livermore Professional Movers can deal with everything that’s on your mind.

Our affordable and reliable company will provide you with all the necessary services in a stress-free environment. Our ever-growing network of loyal customers proves our efficacy and productiveness, so you can be certain that you won’t be disappointed! When it comes to choosing what neighborhood is the best for you, we decided to compile a short text about Livermore that might help you in your resolution to start a new and brighter life.

About Livermore, CA

Livermore is a 25 square mile city consisting of around 86,870 people, according to the 2014 statistics. Livermore is the most populous city of the Tri-Valley, a triangle-shaped region of the eastern San Francisco Bay Area. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, as well as Sandia National Laboratories, are situated precisely in this city. A fun fact is that a chemical element, livermorium, was named after this city and included in the periodic table.

As the most of the Bay Area cities, Livermore enjoys the Mediterranean climate. However, due to its low annual precipitation, Livermore is considered to have semi-arid climate as well. Summer daily temperatures range usually range from 75 to 85 ⁰F, while winter temperature average around 55 ⁰F. You can check the current weather forecast here.

Livermore is considered to be one of the California’s oldest wineries. Its bucolic appearance is what attracts future residents to move to this place. They nourish western tradition and rural lifestyle. However, many scientific centers are located here, which makes Livermore a progressive city with flourishing industries. Livermore’s downtown area provides visitors and residents with a strong sense of community, promoting western heritage and culture. This vibrant area, loaded with restaurants, bars, local stores and street performances will make you feel nostalgic and never want to live this place. Livermore encourages recreation and a healthy lifestyle, so you will be able to enjoy the Sunken Gardens Skate Park, camping in Livermore’s Backyard, or you can swim and enjoy sandy beaches in Shadow Cliffs.

Livermore top Neighborhoods:

  1. Northside – Northside is a neighborhood located on the north side of Livermore’s Downtown, and with all the necessary amenities, it might be the best area to live in. It’s a blend of houses of various types and styles, so anyone can find something that suits them.
  2. Springtown – Springtown is situated in the Northeast side of Livermore. It includes several smaller areas, consisting of semi-detached and attached homes. It is the home to the Springtown Golf Course, so it’s a perfect spot for recreation after a long day at work. This neighborhood is probably the cheapest one in Livermore if we take their size into consideration. If you are thinking about raising a family in this city, then Springtown is perfect for you, since good schools are located in this area (elementary, middle and high school).
  3. Jensen – If you’re looking for a more luxurious and comfortable place to live, then you should start considering Jensen. Similar to Springtown, it has a great advantage of proximity of great schools.
  4. Leland Heights – This is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Livermore. It is very close to Downtown, so you will have all the facilities you need that are only minutes away (eateries, bars, cafes, banks, post office, etc.). Some great schools are located in this area as well.


  1. Summerset – Summerset is an affluent neighborhood with beautiful homes to consider. It is safe and peaceful, but still close to Livermore’s Downtown area. Various sports fields and courses will make your stay here a very pleasant experience, both for you and your children.

Overview of Livermore Real Estate Market:

  1. – If we caught your interest to move to some of these neighborhoods, we recommend visiting Trulia’s website which is extremely easy to use. It offers an exhaustive overview of the factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing your future home: housing price, demographics, education, lifestyle, etc. Trulia is currently offering 107 homes for sale, including 8 open houses and 48 in the pre-foreclosure or auction. According to the website, its medial sales home price is around $702,000, with a square foot of $436, while renting a home on a monthly basis is around $2,950.
  2. – Interactive maps that Zillow created help people find their new homes more easily, and they are very easy to use. The website allows you to filter your search according to the price, type, number of rooms, location, amenities, etc. Currently, Zillow has 77 homes for sale and there are homes to everyone’s taste. Even though housing prices might high at the moment, they are significantly cheaper that in rest of San Francisco Bay Area.
  3. – However, if you don’t believe you can afford to buy a place to live at the moment, you can always rent one. Airbnb is a very affordable online real estate market, where there is a myriad of various houses you can take a look at. It offers detailed information about the price, type and location of the accommodation. Furthermore, you can find reviews and useful information about the landlords who have proven to be trustworthy and reliable. This ever-growing online community currently has more than 150,000,000 users.
  4. – Among much information about schools, demographics and the city itself, created another website where you can find the information about housing in Livermore. You can either buy or rent a home. This website is designed to be a network that connects all the realtors in Livermore and surrounding areas where everyone can speak their mind.

We hope that this article was helpful in your decision about what neighborhood you should move to. If you are ready to move to your future home, don’t wait a second more!  Give us a ring, and Livermore Professional Movers will start your relocation process immediately. Trust our staff and don’t hesitate to call us and arrange your moving date!

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