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How It Is To Live In Castro Valley

Castro Valley is a city situated in Alameda County, California, and is comprised of 64,642 people. Its name, Castro, derives from the name of a Mexican soldier and rancher, Don Guillermo Castro. It is an ethnically diverse city with a strong sense of community. The people who call this California city a home belong to a variety of ethnic and racial groups. The greatest number of residents are White, followed by Asian. There is a lot of people of Hispanic or Latino origin – around 18.61% of the Castro Valley residents. Irish, English, Italian, and Portuguese are the most important ancestries of people in Castro Valley.

Considering the fact that about 85.25% of the workforce is employed in white-collar jobs, which is well above the national average, we can say without a doubt that Castro Valley is a white-collar town. Overall, there are a lot of people living in Castro Valley who work in administrative and office support (14.54%), management professions (12.88%), and sales positions (10.39%).

Life in Castro Valley, however, has its downsides. The thing is that it takes much time for Castro Valley residents to commute, and that number to be precise is, on average 33.03 minutes daily (from home to work or vice-versa). But don’t worry though, because it’s not such a big deal. Local public transport is widely used in Castro Valley, ideal for those who would prefer to leave their car at home. And as for avoiding annoying traffic jams, the use of the subway may be beneficial not only for commuters but also for the reduction of both air pollution and traffic.

It can be rightfully said that well-educated residents are a distinctive feature of Castro Valley since 37.22% of them have at least a bachelor’s degree. The per capita income is around $40,389, which is wealthy relative to the rest of the US, and upper middle income relative to California.

Top 5 Outdoor Activities for Families To Do in Castro Valley

If you are in search of some cool places in Castro Valley to visit with your family, and all of you are nature lovers, you should check these ones out.

Golden Tee Golfland: This is a great spot for hanging out, there is enough space for everybody so families don’t get in each other’s way. There are two golf courses for those who like it, one slightly more difficult than the other. And for the little ones, there is a small arcade with quite a lot of video games such as Wheel of Fortune, Raptor Captor, and Drum Mania.

Castro Valley Park & Community Center: You can find your peace in the shaded areas or share a laugh and a meal with your friends and loved ones in one of the picnic areas. For sports lovers, there are basketball and tennis courts, as well as a soccer field. And for the kids, there are three playgrounds with all the fun stuff – swings, sandboxes, and there is even a small rock-climbing area. And if you are more interested in spending your free time by seeing a play instead of going for a walk or a jog in the park, you can always catch one of The Chanticleers Theater plays at the community center at a reasonable price.

Cull Canyon: Watch out if you don’t like crowded areas for hanging out, since this zone can get extremely crowded sometimes. With its little trails, recreation areas, and an artificial lake, it is quite popular among those residents who like nature. It is very well maintained too, with a clean beach and water, as well as shady areas and the swimming lagoon which is closed after Labor Day.

Biking: With quite a lot of bike routes, basic as well as tricky ones, Castro Valley is a heaven for biking lovers. All you need to do is pack your lunch, choose a route, and get on your way. You can also visit to find bike routes near you.

Ice cream and a stroll: All those smoothie shops and ice cream parlors along Castro Valley Boulevard must satisfy your urge for sweets. You can eat your delicacy outside while taking a stroll and enjoying a breeze of fresh air. Some of the most popular places to grab something sweet to eat or drink are Blazers, Lord’s, and Knudsen’s. Bon appétit!

Castro Valley Real Estate Market Overview

Buying a new place to live in Castro Valley is certainly not cheap. The prices of homes in this area are not only among the most expensive in California but also in America. It is not easy as well to find your perfect future home, but we listed a few websites where you can find an affordable place to buy or to rent:

Trulia’s online real estate guide is a very useful tool when choosing a perfect home. It does not only give you information about Castro Valley’s real estate but also about its demographics, education, amenities, lifestyle, as well as an overview of its market trends. According to, the median sales price of homes is $775,000, with a square foot of approximately $443, while renting a place to live in Castro Valley will cost you about $2,975. On, you will find 50 resales of new homes, including 16 open houses and 35 in the pre-foreclosure, auction, or bank-owned stages of the foreclosure process. If you’d like to check out this website.

On Zillow’s website, you can find useful up-to-date information about the real estate market in Castro Valley. You can get in touch with local agents who will help you find your perfect nest and settle down. It has an extensive offer of more than 110 million houses in the US, with 41 homes precisely in this city. According to, the median sales price of homes in Castro Valley is slightly lower than the one on, being around $734,300 per house. For more information about Castro Valley’s realities, follow this website.

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Moving to Castro Valley

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