Living in Felton

Let’s see now some facts about the area of Felton, where you intend to settle in the future. It is a lovely small town in Santa Cruz with a population of about 5.000. Some of the pros of living in Felton are sunny weather, the stable housing market, lots of local amenities, and low crime rates.

The cost of living index is 15% higher than average in California, and the median household income is 23% greater than average. The average summer temperature is 60 degrees F. The weather is very pleasant. You can always take a look at the weather updates on

The town is in the mountains, a rural living place, but still close to the freeway. The environment is cool and woodsy with fresh air. The commute is not too long if you work in nearby towns, just over the hill.

Many people, who work in San Jose and can’t afford to buy a house there, so they live in this, much cheaper area of mountainous Felton,.

Felton Neighborhoods:

  • Town Center – it is the most expensive area in Felton. 30% of households have more than four cars. It is a great neighborhood to raise a family. Single-family homes are predominant.
  • Mount Hermon / Paradise Park- It is primarily made up of small single homes, studios, and small apartment buildings. A significant percentage of housing is seasonally occupied because they are filled with college students. That’s why many buildings around are empty.
  • Zayante / Lopico’ – Many of its residences are older and well-established. The houses have a particular character since they were all built between 1940 and 1969. This neighborhood is a combination of good-quality schools, single-family homes, and above-average safety.

Things to Do in Felton:

Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park – It is perfect to have a nice walk among the giant redwoods:

Big Foot Museum –It is a fun, small museum, which contains two rooms, where you can see a collection of Bigfoot footprint casts, clips from a movie, and a map with Bigfoot sightings.

Loch Lomond Recreation area – There is a beautiful lake with a marina and a park. The lake is green and quiet, and fishing is allowed. Visit the site:

Real Estate Market Review:

If you are looking for an online property site, here are some good suggestions:

Trulia.com– This well-visited online site always offers a range of different properties for sale. You can easily drag a mouse on a map and search, which home is best for you:

Zillow.com – The site constantly has up-to-date homes for sale in Felton neighborhoods and the town’s surroundings. See, what’s on market at the moment.

Airbnb.com – Airbnb is a famous worldwide site with all rentals available anywhere on the globe. Join a big group of its users and choose among many homes and rooms for your vacation.


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