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Hayward is one of the greatest Californian cities, being the sixth largest in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the third largest in Alameda County. With its population of around 150,000 people, it is also considered one of the most populous cities in the Bay Area. Hayward is a booming real estate market, since many businessmen and entrepreneurs opt precisely for this location which is differently referred to as The Heart of the Bay. Despite the fact that the city was stricken by an earthquake in 1868, it managed to bounce back. Today, Hayward prides itself not only on advanced industries, but also on rich history and cultural life.

Weather in Hayward is similar to the rest of the Bay Area. Namely, the climate is Mediterranean, with several microclimates. Summers are mildly warm, with the average daily temperature of around 70 ⁰F, while winters are usually wet and cool, with the average daily temperature of about 40 ⁰F.

What makes Hayward so amazing – Food!

Hayward is a city that enjoys a strong sense of community, although it is one of the most culturally and socially diverse areas in the States. It is considered one of the safest cities in the Bay Area as well, but at the same time one of the most amusing ones. California is not famous for exceptional grill, but the City of Hayward surely is. Val’s burgers are something you shouldn’t miss while visiting or living in Hayward. This city has an abundance of music events to offer, such as Bistro’s Open Mic Night, Tiki Patio at the Turf Club, or a two-day The Hayward Russell City Blues Festival. Other entertainment opportunities include Zucchini Fest, Passeio Do Vinho Wine Walk, Hayward’s Mural Art Program, etc. One of the oldest California gardens, the Japanese Tea Garden and Garin & Dry Creek Pioneer Regional Parks will mesmerize you with its beautiful sighs, giving you the time to enjoy your inner and outer tranquility. The Heart of the Bay will always stimulate innovation and creativity for all venturesome souls who want to feel the touch of sun-drenched California.

Neighborhoods to check out in Hayward

One of Hayward’s strongest points is definitely the price of housing. This city might be lacking in lavishness, but for a significantly smaller sum, you’ll get a decent house on California’s coastline. In the following paragraphs, you will read about Hayward’s top neighborhoods to move to:

Glen Eden – Glen Eden is an ideal neighborhood for young families. Its adobe walls and red-tile roofs are reminiscent of Mediterranean houses, which makes this area stand out. It offers one of the best chances for education, such as Mt. Eden High School. However, its crime rate is slightly higher than in the rest of the city. Its median selling price for homes is around $250,000.

Southgate – With its median sales home price of around $300,000, Southgate is a bit more expensive than Glen Eden, but still affordable. This area has a great shopping mall, Southland Mall. As in many other malls, you can find some of the most famous brands, such as Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21 or Macy’s. Education in this part is also higher than in the rest of Hayward. It’s perfect for young couples and young professionals who want to focus either on bringing up a family or on their career.

Mt. Eden – The reputable Chabot Community College is located in this neighborhood, an institution that Mt. Eden is most famous for. There are state-of-the-art homes for those who are willing to pay a slightly larger sum than in the other neighborhoods, which is around $350,000. This is a neighborhood with a heterogeneous immigrant history and diverse culture.

Upper B Street – Upper B Street is a neighborhood located in northeastern Hayward. It is the home to Curly’s Place, a bar that welcomes its guests with its cozy and relaxed atmosphere. This area has all the amenities you can ask for – hairdresser, dentist, bank, post office, manifold restaurants and bars, schools, etc. Public transportation is also very good in this part of the city. Upper B Street might not be the perfect place for young families, due to the noise coming from numerous schools, but it might be ideal for young professionals who want to establish their office at an affordable price.

More about these neighborhoods you can find here.

Now, let’s talk about housing

Trulia.com – This website offers an extensive overview of all the factors you need to be aware of when choosing a place to live: housing price, demographics, education, lifestyle, etc. There are plenty of things to explore, and it is extremely easy to use. Trulia is currently offering 142 homes for sale, 4 of which are open houses and 136 in the pre-foreclosure or auction. According to the website, the median sales home price is around $560,000, with a square foot of $414, while renting a home on a monthly basis is around $2,650.


Moving to Hayward

Many people choose to live and stay in Hayward since it is more affordable than other Silicon Valley high-tech hubs. The median sales price for homes in Hayward is generally lower than in other nearby cities. It’s a thriving business community whose population has greatly increased since the beginning of the third millennium. So if you are planning to move to another home within Hayward, it is time to consider the perfect moving company. Although your relocation process might seem complicated at the beginning, with San Jose Professional Professional Movers you won’t have to worry too much.

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