Los Gatos


Living in Los Gatos

If you are looking for a new neighborhood in the Bay Area, you might want to consider Los Gatos. As your choice is a neighborhood in Los Gatos, you realize what this great city offers to its residents: beautiful scenery, charming houses, distinguished schools, and all kinds of recreational facilities, retaining its small-town image, closely tied to the famous Silicon Valley. It gives the residents a unique feel from the urban environment of nearby cities.

Los Gatos’ terrific geographical position includes both the valley and wooded hillsides, which attract people to settle in this charming community. That way the area is a mix of hill residential properties with lower central parts with commercial business.

A lot of residents are either retirees or workers who commute to nearby cities to work. Anyway, there are a few thousand businesses in town, so most residents have a higher income than average, which contributes to the increased costs of living.

The standard utility is about 300 dollars for electricity, 50 dollars for sanitation service, and about 200 dollars for water. Property taxes are pretty low for existing residents, comparing recent market values.

The unemployment rate is less than 3 %, and the average age is early 40. As the weather is mild all year round, its residents may say they are the healthy ones.

Regarding the estate market, you can say that, because of the size of the properties which are available in the housing market, many people find this city a great place to raise a family or to move thereafter they retire.

Things to do in Los Gatos:


The city is proud of its Forbes Mill Museum, County Park, or the Creek Trail. You can shop downtown at Santa Row, visit the amusement park, or play golf in one of many available courses. In twenty minutes drive you can get to mountain wineries, or to the Pacific Boardwalk.


The pedestrian downtown area is lined with trees and benches and loaded with all kinds of stores, jewelry shops, and gift shops, as well as other owner-operated businesses and attractive cafe bars, and lovely charming restaurants.


There are many options to choose where and how to hang out with friends, from live music and dancing at Mountain Charlie’s to kamikazes at The Black Watch many other fun spots that attract both locals and tourists.

Los Gatos neighborhoods:

Downtown is considered by its residents as safe, well maintained, pleasant, and family-friendly. It is comprised of middle-sized family houses and apartments and has numerous restaurants, boutiques, and national retailers, like a farmers’ market at the weekends. You can easily take a walk to any part of the area which is quite a quiet part, considering its location.

Lexington Hills is a rural neighborhood, located in Sana Cruz Mountains. Its residents spend the most time in outdoor activities at one of the parks. There are hiking trails, and you can enjoy the scenery by visiting nearby vineyards.

Vista Del Monte is a part of Las Gatos Unified School District, made up of larger family houses and small apartment buildings. Most of the homes are the older ones, dating from the middle of the last century. It is considered a wealthy and family-friendly community with top-rated elementary schools.

Los Gatos Estate Market Overview:

Having in mind that you need to gather the right information about the available homes, among which you can choose to suit your needs best, according to your needs and budget, here are some websites for you to visit:

Movoto.com – offers its help find your dream house for over ten years. Just navigate the market of all available homes, where you are informed about their size, age, facilities, and position.

Realtor.com – here you can find about 270 homes, available for every taste and interest. Just click relevant listings and choose among the list sorted by the price.

Zillow.com – lists all the properties in Los Gatos by type, prices, rooms, age, all shown on a map where you can navigate to see the location and the distance from other parts of the area.

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