Living in Milpitas – Yes or No

Milpitas is a city situated in Santa Clara County, California, with an estimated population of 73,672 people. It is located within the Silicon Valley, bordering San Jose to the south and Fremont to the north. Over time, this city’s former ranch and agricultural land transformed into a job-attracted community of people, many of them working at the old Ford Motor Co. assembly plant at the time. The production of new, affordable housing made this region a popular choice of residence for young couples and families.

Milpitas – City of Technology

Although its name loosely translates to “little cornfields”, the main crop of this city is definitely technology. That is not so surprising considering that it is located near San Jose, on the most southern tip of the San Francisco Bay. And since the rail system links Milpitas to San Jose, Mountain View, and other nearby cities, you can easily commute from home to work. Cisco, SanDisk, and Flextronics are some of the biggest employers in the city. A wide range of Milpitas residents is employed in math and computer science (12.56%), administrative support (11.58%), and management jobs (9.38%).


As far as education is concerned, this city belongs to the most well-educated ones in the whole nation, since around 43.35% of people living here have at least a bachelor’s degree. That is a pretty good standard taking into account that this number is only 21.84% for an average American community. There are also some terrific schools in Milpitas given its close ties to Silicon Valley. One of its most respected schools is Milpitas High School, a California Distinguished School which has been taking top honors in everything from arts and sports to speech and theater.

What to do in Milpitas, CA

Today, the Great Mall offering more than a million square feet of shops and restaurants lies on the spot where the former Ford assembly plant once stood. This enormous shopping arena is famous for its affordable high-end goods from outlet stores. There’s also a place where to buy everything you need for your new place – Home Depot. And if that’s not enough shopping for you, there’s always Milpitas Square and McCarthy Ranch Marketplace – a 700,000 sq ft retail development.

More fun activities are available at the city’s parks, including the Hidden Lake duck pond and playground, the Calaveras Reservoir, and Santa Clara County’s regional park and recreation area. In the city’s parks, you can take part in outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, boating, and picnicking. There is also the Higuera Adobe Park representing a piece of the town’s living history as it is one of the original ranchos that existed in this area. But the local favorite is definitely the Ed Levin County Park which is linked to other parks and city locations via a network of trails.

Take a Look at Milpitas Real Estate Market

Home prices in Milpitas are similar to other communities in this area, with a median price of more than $500,000, an eye-popping amount by national standards. We understand how hard it can be to find a home which fits into your limited budget, so here are some useful websites regarding real estate and relocation that can help you with your search:

Trulia’s website offers a wide array of houses, condos, apartments, or townhomes you can check out. It also provides information about Milpitas’ demographics, lifestyles, education, neighborhoods, etc. and it is very easy to use. According to Trulia, the median sales price of homes in Milpitas is $858,000, with a square foot of $567, while you would have to pay $2,997 if you would like to rent one. is currently offering 46 new and resale homes, including 6 open houses and 35 in the pre-foreclosure, auction, or bank-owned stages of the foreclosure process. If you’d like to know more about the real estate market in Milpitas, we suggest visiting the following page.

Zillow is another useful website that provides up-to-date information about the real estate market in Milpitas, as well as in many other cities. Its interactive maps will help you drift through the website very easily, and you can filter your search according to the price and type of the house, its location, and proximity to certain facilities, the number of rooms, etc. The prices range from very high to low, so almost anyone can find something he or she can afford. Zillow is currently offering 96 houses on sale, and if you’d like to see what precisely they have on offer, check out their website.

If you are unable to buy a house at the moment, you can always consider renting one. is an online real estate market where you can find an affordable place to rent for a longer or a shorter period of time. You can rent a whole house or apartment, or you can rent a single room. You can also get in touch with the landlords directly, and you can read reviews about them by their previous tenants. More than current 150,000,000 users prove that this website truly is affordable and reliable. By clicking on this website you can explore countless rental options in Milpitas.


Moving to Milpitas

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