San Carlos


Living in San Carlos

Since your choice for a new home is a neighborhood in San Carlos, we have prepared the following passage to inform you about the things you might not know about “The City of Good Living,” as it is often called among people who live there. Click here The comfortable year-round climate lets residents of San Carlos spend much time outdoors. On average there are 264 sunny days in a year. It rains more rarely than in the other cities in the US, and it never snows there. The annual average temperature is 78 to 80 degrees.

Things to do in San Carlos

There is a whole range of activities which can make your living there more interesting and in that way you can sense the image of a small-town atmosphere.

  • Many lively Friday night concerts are held in summer.
  • They organize an annual peninsula’s premier fall festival in October, Art & Wine Faire, on the main street.
  • In summer, Laurel Street puts on a weekly farmer’s market known as “Hot Harvest Nights.”
  • Once a year you can take part during Hometown days, which consist of a parade, races, crafts, and food booths. The carnival takes place around the largest park every May.
  • There is a wide variety of diners where you can have a delicious and inexpensive meal.
  • Shoppers can have fun visiting various boutiques and other small shops downtown.
  • The residents are proud of their sights: Hiller Aviation Museum, Rockin’ Jump, and Ale Arsenal, where you can taste local and regional craft beer.
  • Hiller
  • Rockinjump
  • Alearsenal

Housing in San Carlos

San Carlos is an older city, and most homes date back to the middle of the last century. Its residents are mainly white middle to upper-middle class. Most apartments are quite affordable, except the ones in the downtown area near San Carlos Train station, where wealthy families have the opportunity to send their children to excellent local schools. A high percentage of people hold college degrees, so the median income tends to be higher than the average income.

The Downtown area has two beautiful, walkable streets, Laurel and El Camino. Other streets are lined with trees and curve around the steep foothills. Most houses are two stories in size and boast large surrounding properties lying surrounded by woods and greenery. A large number of homes feature landscaped front yards. Most of its residents are employed in Silicon Valley. The whole area is considered very safe.

The city is divided into six neighborhoods.

The best known are White Oaks and Howard Park, probably because of school preference. Another one, lovely, but far below the buyer’s radars is North San Carlos, on the north side, all the way to the Belmont border. There are also outstanding elementary and middle schools, and it is close to intra-district transfers. If you choose your neighborhood to be in the hills, you will get a great panoramic view of the bay, and it will certainly be cheaper to buy a property.

San Carlos Estate Market Overview:

To help you check the list of properties in San Carlos neighborhoods, San Jose Movers provides you here a few real estates, which give you much information about available houses: – is a mobile and online real estate resource, which will make its customers find their homes accessible and enjoyable. It offers you a current market of new homes in San Carlos, momentary having 43 of them on its list. – offers you an overview of real estate trends and public schools, along with the total number of available homes for sale, recently sold homes, and reduced-price housing. – has at the moment 67 homes for sale, listed from the newest to the cheapest one. Most of them are mapped. They are getting added all the time, so take a look. – presents the housing market, where you can filter what property type you are interested in: condos, townhomes, single-family homes, ranches, all arranged by space, price, and nearby schools. Take a look at the images and all other info.

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Moving to San Carlos

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