San Ramon


Why People Love Living In San Ramon

San Ramon is a city located in Contra Costa County, California, about 34 miles east of San Francisco. With its population estimated to 76,134, it is the 4th largest city in Contra Costa County. Being a moderately large suburban city with a rural feel, San Ramon is one of the most enticing places to live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Some of the reasons why San Ramon is a great place to live in is its short distance to San Francisco, excellent schools and quality of life, many attractions, and some of the best parks in the area. Its uniqueness comes from many community facilities, activities for families, and world-famous attractions and annual events. The city’s 43-acre Central Park regularly welcomes different social events such as opera in the park, farmers’ markets, and outdoor movie nights. It is also making gradual steps in architecturally transforming itself from a regular suburb to an urban place. The project is being overseen by the acclaimed architect Renzo Piano, and it is announced for completion in 2018.

Job Opportunities

San Ramon has many in-town job options considering the fact that it is home to several corporate headquarters such as Chevron and 24-Hour Fitness, as well as San Ramon Medical Center and Roundhouse – a major conference center. However, if you just found a new job in Oakland, San Francisco, or San Jose but you are not willing to move from San Ramon, don’t stress out because it’s relatively easy to commute to these locations.


As for the weather in San Ramon, it typifies a moderate seasonal Mediterranean climate. Winters are rather short and damp while summers are warm and dry. Average January temperatures go between 32 °F and 58 °F, while average July temperatures move from 56 °F to 89 °F. Normally, the wettest month of the year is January averaging 5.20 inches of precipitation, and the driest one is July with an average of only 0.06 inches. Someone would say that this is a perfect temperature!

What to Do in San Ramon

If you are an outdoor person, you’ll be thrilled with all the events and recreational activities San Ramon has to offer. Biking, hiking, fishing, and golfing are some of the favorite outdoor activities of the residents. There are also several fitness races throughout the year keeping the runners active in San Ramon. And in the winter, you can always drive to Lake Tahoe if you are a snow fan and enjoy some top-notch skiing.

However, there’s more to San Ramon than just sports and outdoor activities. Thousands of visitors are drawn to San Ramon in the course of the duration of several festivals and events being organized in this area. During Memorial Day, The Art and Wind Festival brings everyone out on the streets since it is a fun and exciting event for every member of the family. The community also comes together to celebrate the first days of summer with various community performances, fun activities, and delicious food. On Independence Day, there is live music on the streets alongside other festivities. And when there is no official program organized, you can always head to the San Ramon Central Park and enjoy an evening of music with a glass of wine.

If you are interested in finding more attractions in San Ramon, visit Trip Advisor’s website where you can check the rankings and reviews of all the main sights.

San Ramon Real Estate Market Overview

Considering that home prices are affordable here, with the help of a good real estate agent you won’t have trouble finding a home within a price range you are comfortable with. However, you can also do your own research online by visiting some of these pages that can give you more information about the real estate situation in San Ramon:

You can start your quest by checking out Trulia real estate guide and home search. This website also offers an overview of market trends in San Ramon, as well as information about schools, lifestyles, and demographics. According to this site, the median sales price of homes in San Ramon is $957,500, with a price per square foot of $461. On the other hand, if you are looking for a place to rent, have in mind that you will have to pay around $3,550 a month. Trulia’s website currently has 110 homes on offer, 7 of which are open houses, and 48 in the pre-foreclosure process or auction. For more information about these listings click.

Zillow is a website dedicated to providing visitors with real estate data and knowledge, and getting them in contact with the best local agents who can help. Its living database consists of 110 million U.S. homes, including homes for sale, rent, and those that are not currently on the market. You can also filter your search according to the factors you consider the most important, such as price, size, type, etc. You can find more information about homes on offer in San Ramon.


Moving to San Ramon

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