Living in Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and it is perfect for those looking for a career or a place to settle down. Even if you are moving with your family, you will love it because there are highly rated schools and many entertainment options. But before you make a final decision, let’s go through some important facts about Sunnyvale.

Schools and Job Opportunities

The Sunnyvale School District has eight elementary and three middle schools and all of them are rated very well. The Fremont Union High School District is one of the high schools around and it will offer your kids a great education. Sunnyvale is close to many college campuses, but there are none directly in the area.

When it comes to job options, one of the most famous companies located here is Yahoo! Since it is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, you can already guess that you will have numerous opportunities for those looking for a job in the tech industry. The unemployment rate of this area is lower than the national average, so don’t worry about finding an opportunity that is great for you. The Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce is the best place to contact if you are a business owner looking to relocate your commerce in the community.

Cost of Living

Living in Sunnyvale comes with a certain price, which is 21 percent higher than the average in California, not to mention how higher it is compared to the national average. The median home value is around $575,000. An average rent can go between $1,600 to $3,000. The good news is that the average household income is over $100,000. Sunnyvale is a great place to work and play.

Entertainment Options

Sunnyvale has many things to offer in the city itself and around, thanks to its location. Since it is less than an hour away from the ocean, you can always enjoy and relax on the beach. Sunnyvale has over 18 parks with many recreational areas, playgrounds, and picnic places. Redwood forest is the choice of those who love walking around. When it is time to go inside, residents can be found in several performing halls like the California Theater Center or galleries like Rabia.

Restaurants in Sunnyvale are amazing and they can offer ethnically diverse dishes such as Kabul and Dishdash eateries. You will have many options for dining, dancing, and drinking. There are several clubs and bars that are favorite spots for those who want to relax after a long working week.

Sunnyvale hosts many annual events that will help you meet your neighbors, such as Jazz & Beyond, Sunnyvale Howl’oween Pet Parade & Faire, and the Summer Series Music + Market.

Thanks to the many amenities that Sunnyvale has to offer, many residents choose to call it home.

Neighborhoods in Sunnyvale that might be for you

Choosing the right neighborhood to live in is a complex decision, since there are numerous factors you need to take into account – amenities, cost of living and quality of education, the proximity of your workplace, etc. In order to reach your final decision more easily, we compiled a list of top 4 neighborhoods to live in:

Sunnyvale West – Don’t consider moving to this neighborhood unless you have some money to burn. Its average house price is around a million dollars, which is unreasonably high. However, this affluent neighborhood will mesmerize you with its luxurious homes and wonderful sights. This area is perfect for young professionals and college students, and it is said to have a large percentage of Asian and same sex people and it therefore one of the most culturally, ethnically and sexually diverse.

Heritage District – Heritage District is slightly cheaper when it comes to real estate prices, but equally expensive when we’re talking about living costs. Major population of this area speaks Hindi, the official language of India. This neighborhood is a small tropical oasis and the only possible drawback (apart from its price) might be the noise coming from the Cal-Train Station. It is perfect for young couples and light commuters.

Ponderosa Park – The median price of real estate in this neighborhood is similar to the one in Heritage District, which is higher than 84.3% of the rest of California. More than 68% people in this neighborhood have a bachelor’s degree, and most of its residents are of Asian or Armenian origin.

Lakewood – Lakewood has a slightly lower price than the previous three neighborhoods, but is still quite expensive. Its median real estate price is $635,324. This area is definitely a baby boomers area, since most of the houses were built in this period. People who live in this area are quite well-off, since they have 4 or 5 cars per household on the average.

If you already live in Sunnyvale, you know it’s fairly impossible to find a decent home of lower budget. If you want to find tranquility in Silicon Valley, you’ll have to pay a bit more than expected.


Moving to Sunnyvale

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Sunnyvale Professional Movers are closely acquainted with every corner of the city, and they have years of moving experience. Yours is just to drive yourself to your future location, and we will take care of everything else! If you still haven’t made the decision about which neighborhood you should move to, we compiled a short guide about Sunnyvale for you to read.

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