Moving to Atherton with San Jose Movers

Moving to Atherton with San Jose Movers

We want to assist you in fulfilling your dreams. You probably made a firm decision to change your location and move somewhere in the area of Atherton. It is a big change in your life, and you have a lot of things in your mind now. San Jose Movers team has much to offer you to make your relocation without any stress. We know you consider various options and we can help you with our advice, since we have had experience, including residential or corporate moving.

San Jose Movers does a variety of services, starting with packing and unpacking, which would take you much time if you do it yourself. Nothing will be damaged. Your goods will be carefully loaded, shipped and unloaded with all our guarantees. You don’t need to worry about ordering boxes or packing all your precious belongings safely and carefully. We are here for you with all the needed equipment and reliable and friendly movers to do you relocation without any trouble.

In case you need to transport your vehicle, we do long-distance vehicle shipping and all the licensed documentation regarding the whole process. For any question you may have, contact our service, which is available for you 24/7. Consult us and spare yourself the trouble with organizing that tiresome work.  Our goal is to make you a happy and satisfied customer.

We had some research about the area of Atherton to gather all the info, which you might be interested in. Atherton is a part of San Francisco metropolitan area with the population of 7,000. Climate is classified as warm and temperate with no snow at all. The hottest month is July with the temperature of 79 degrees. More info about the weather:

It was once a part of Spanish rancho. All lots are subdivided into smaller parcels, which are smaller than an acre. The median age in Atherton is 47 years. The median home value is 6.36 million dollars. To take a look at the city data, click on

 The neighborhoods in Atherton are:

Lindenwood: Its streets are laid out in the pattern of the 19th century walking paths. Sometimes people get lost because they have curved streets. Walking downtown, you have a country feel. You can enjoy looking at decorative walls, statues, and fountains.

Atherton Oaks: a peaceful, quiet and relaxing neighborhood, a place with a story and character, with the library, city hall, schools and Holbrook-Palmer Park.

Lloyden Park: lies between El Camino Real and the Southern Pacific Railroad tracks. It has streets lamps, sidewalks and a lot of kids all the time. The residents go shopping to Downtown Menlo Park, El Camino Real, and Redwood City.

West Atherton: is ranked as the wealthiest of all neighborhoods. It is home to most of Silicon Valley’s most elite executives and investors; the neighborhood is one of the most sought-after residential areas in the San Francisco Bay Area. Homes are located on lots of one or more acres, hidden behind private gates and large hedges. These homes typically sell for $10 million or more.

West of Alameda: The neighborhood is comprised of physicians and attorneys who worked in the city and come on weekends to take a deep breath and relax in the calm, quiet landscape with ranch homes. You can hear the sounds of splashing fountains behind gates and vine-covered stone walls. The full plantings and wide green spaces serve as fitting frames for the designed homes. See the site

As we already mentioned, there is a variety of sites, where you can find your ideal home. We suggest you visit the following ones:


Real Estate Market in Atherton:

  1. – presents you a bunch of houses for sale, showing their neighborhoods, the exact position, their mortgages, price, size and open hours.
  2. – this reliable site lets you view listing photos of 32 homes for sale, review and sales history. Just use its detailed real estate filters to find the perfect place.
  3. – using this site you can find unique places to stay with local hosts, discovering the best Airbnb in Atherton here.


Hoping we have provided you some useful information, San Jose Movers is waiting to give you a hand in your move. Call us now for more details and enjoy your day.

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