Moving to Belmont with San Jose Movers

Moving to Belmont with San Jose Movers

Here you are, excited to move to your new home in Belmont, looking forward to a challenging, bright future. Moving is tiresome and can be very stressful. There is much work to do when you realize you have to get everything in your life boxed up, loaded into trucks and shipped off to your new place of living. You best decision at the moment is to leave the whole bother to San Jose Movers.

We have significantly much experience to handle your move competently and safely. It will be worth every cent hiring us since are manned by professionals, who are capable of relocating all your stuff without harm in no time.

San Jose Movers is a reputable moving company which does its job perfectly, without mistakes. Our clients’ feedbacks and good marks can confirm that our only aim is to make your relocation process fast, safe and pleasant.

San Jose Movers is licensed and available to do interstate and cross-country moving, so it doesn’t matter where your new home will be, you can rely on us and fully trust our professional team. We can do these tedious assignments, as packing and unpacking carefully and efficiently, since we are equipped with all the material needed for that work to be done.

Our services also include storing your goods and, in case you move a little farther, we can offer our long-distance vehicle shipping, completely insured and secure. Consultants who work at San Jose Movers are waiting for your call if you have any questions concerning your relocation. Just contact us any time of the day, and we will be pleased to assist in your plans and give you a hand to make this period of your life amazing and stress-free. Let us present you some facts you might not know about Belmond or a particular neighborhood there due to your future destination of living. Its name derives from Italian words, meaning beautiful mountain. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, it offers its residents a comfortable year-round climate, which lets them do outdoor activities all year round, with the comfort index 85 out of 100. For more info:

It is a very green and forestry area with high air.  There is a good choice of grocery stores, gas stations, banks. The drawback is that there is no “downtown,” but it’s so close to everything. There are tons of beautiful hiking trails, a couple of parks and the new library.

The employment rate is less than three percent and the recent job growth is positive. The population there is 30,000, and many of residents have a college degree. There has been a steady increase in population number of 12 % since the year 2000. Talking about real estate, the cost of a median home is about one and a half million dollars. Household income is double higher in Belmont than the US average. Click here

Belmont neighborhoods:

Central- This is a big hilly area filled with a variety of home types. Generally, in this neighborhood, the higher up in the hills you go, the more expensive are the homes. They are rather old, built in the middle of the last century and mixed between one and two-story houses. Some homes are clinging to the hillside, while others have got untraditional gardens. Nicer homes are grouped around the southern end of the neighbourhood.

On the far eastern end of the district, is El Camino Real, the major avenue that runs north-south across most of San Mateo County and the Peninsula. Because the Belmont Caltrain station is on the eastern end of this neighborhood, you might expect a pedestrian zone, but unfortunately, there are no sidewalks.

Cipriani is the neighborhood at the very heart of Belmont. It is a somewhat hilly area, with sligtly narrow streets that curve along gentle slopes. The homes here are older and not very flashy but beautiful, and the neighborhood gives you a feeling of shelter from the outside world. Just past the eastern end is Twin Pines Park, Belmont’s best park. Click here

Belmont Heights – it’s a historic neighborhood with diverse architecture, where you can find a spacious mansion next to a one-bedroom bungalow or a condo complex. It has an active group of residents dedicated to preserving the area’s quality of life and the historic nature of the homes.


Things to do:

Saint James Gate is not on the main drag, not downtown, but rather in an industrial-type area. It is the perfect place if you like watching Harley Davidson bikers playing with young kids, fine beer, excellent liquor, noise and as many ethnic groups as you can find put together in the Bay Area. Click here

Bay Area Ridge Riders -The scenery and terrain here are just stunning and made for a thrilling ride with lots of opportunity for jogging and exercise in the midst of beautiful redwood forests. They provide fantastic horses, trails and horseback riding tours with professional coaches.

Twin Pines Park – is a lovely little oasis in the middle of suburban hillside area. There is a creek, surrounded by beautiful old plantings and trees. The estate house in the park has been turned into an art gallery. There is also a senior center and a few picnic areas, as well as one large outdoor venue in the woods suitable for a ceremony. Parking is sometimes tight, mainly on a busy warm weekend.

Visit the city’s official site:


Belmont Estate Market Overview:

To take a better look what properties are available in Belmont, San Jose Movers offers you some useful and reliable links of real estate:

  1. – has a wide variety of properties all over the area of Belmont. Clicking on a particular place on the map, given on its site, you can see how close you are from the other parts of town. They also have all info about each property, and listings from the newest ones to the oldest at a fluctuating market.
  1. – a well-known agent, which has in its offer vacation rentals. The site lists all rooms according to the room type in a house and price range. Clicking on “instant book,” you can book a room without waiting for a host approval. Get the info about refund policy in case you cancel the room.

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