Moving to Soquel with San Jose Movers

Moving to Soquel with San Jose Movers

As you are considering nesting in Soquel in future, you start planning your move. Surely, you need to gather much information regarding the paperwork, the area, and your relocation. That is why the experienced moving company, San Jose Movers offers you its help. We know what issues you might experience and we can consult you about your budget and calculate your expenses with you to make you content. You don’t need stress during this period of your move.

Don’t worry about packing and unpacking, because we have the professional staff to do it in no time with all the needed equipment, including appropriate boxes and other material to transport your goods safe and sound to your future location, whether it is interstate moving, cross-country moving or somewhere near. We also do the storage of your belongings, as well as long-distance vehicle shipping.

You can rely on our experts who have done all corporate and residential move hundreds of times. Just contact us for any question you have, and we will be pleased to satisfy all your requirements.

Regarding your new place of living, we prepared for you the following text which could help you have a complete picture of the area you are going to settle. We can also ease your search for home, giving you some reliable websites, where you can get informed about the real estate market.

Soquel is an idyllic, historical town, well-known for family-operated wineries. Wine production is in high-level thanks to affordable climate. The town gets less rain than average US areas. There are 255 sunny days, with the temperature of 72 degrees in the hottest month July. See more:

Recent job growth is positive, with an employment rate of 6, 30. Talking about costs of living, it is 99% higher than US average. The population is 11,000. For more info

Things to do in Soquel:

  1. Soquel Vineyards: worth visiting countryside with a magnificent view and wine tasting
  2. Anna Jean Cummings Park, which offers many recreational activities, both for children and for adults.
  3. Demonstration State Forest is favorite for cycling, with many trails. People here also enjoy hiking and wine tasting.
  4. Among other advantages, the town offers great outdoor recreation, year-round climate, and educational attainment.

See what else is worth knowing about the area:


As we mentioned, it is hard to decide which site to visit to have the right idea about the real estates in Soquel. Here is the list, which we can recommend you to get the right info and find the best place for your new home or just to rent a house or a room to enjoy a vacation there:

  1. – here you can see new properties, get open house info and research neighborhoods.At the moment they provide you photos and other data of 52 homes for sale.
  2. – a great website where new homes are getting added all the time. All available homes are on the map of this area Just click on a particular place, and you are provided with the size, rooms and its price.
  3. – the site which offers you to take a look at top 20 vacation rentals; condos, bungalows, townhouses or just renting a room.


Hoping that we were helpful, San Jose Movers are looking forward to working for you. Call us and we will arrange everything you need for your pleasure.

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