When it comes to moving, there are many tasks in front of you that you have to plan and execute, and packing is one of them. Not only packing is just one of the tasks to be performed, but it is the most important one. Packing is something that will determine whether your move will be smooth and stress-free or it will be a nerve-racking experience. San Jose Professional Movers can help you out with that! We are here to make this whole process simple and worry-free. But let’s see step by step how that should look like.

Getting a quote is the first step of course! Our customer support agents are available 7 days a week and ready to answer all of your questions and concerns you might have. Since every move is different, we will create a unique moving plan that will fit all of your needs. When we find out more about your moving needs and your home, we will be able to recommend the best solution for having a stress-free moving day. 

Some of the most common questions we get and answers to them: 

  • Can packing and moving to a new home be done in one day?

 This is something that depends on the size of your home. Once we learn what are you moving and how big your home is, we will offer advice on whether your moving should be done in one day, or if it would be less stressful if we perform packing one day, and moving the other. Every move is individual and we cannot tell you anything in advance until we hear more details about it, but one is guaranteed – safety is our number one priority. 

  • Where can I get packing boxes? 

When it comes to packing boxes, there are a few options. The first one is that you get your boxes elsewhere, for example, Home Depot or some similar store. The other one is to purchase boxes from us. We charge them per item used and you should let us know in advance, so we can bring enough. The third option is to mix the first two options, you can purchase boxes on your own, and we can bring some just in case. 

  • Is there any additional charge for packing? 

San Jose Professional Movers is a moving company that is charging for moving services hourly. That is why we don’t have an additional charge for packing, however, it will take more time when we need to pack your home as well. 

Now, let’s talk about our team of packers and movers because we are very proud of them. We managed to gather the best professional movers in San Jose CA and we are super happy because of that. All of our team members are background checked and trained to handle your move our way. They are not coming empty-handed, but with the all equipment needed to disassemble and reassemble your furniture, wrapping materials to wrap up and protect your belongings, moving dollies, etc. 

The main reason why many people decide to hire local movers for packing as well is that they are licensed and insured. And that is the case with San Jose Professional Movers as well. Have peace of mind during the move. 

Give us a call and let’s discuss your moving and packing. We are here to help you out! Get your free moving quote today!