22 Questions to Ask Your Movers

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If you are planning on moving soon you will definitely need some trustworthy movers like San Jose professional movers. We are here to assist you with any job that needs to be done during this move, because we are top notch movers in the city and probably wider. You can call us if you are interested to find what is the cost to hire movers and ask any questions you want to know answers to. 

If you are not really sure what to ask movers, we will provide you with all the questions you should ask them and we will even answer all those questions. 

Questions to ask about the company:

1. How long are you in business?

It is important to know some history of your moving company before deciding whether to hire them or not. 

San Jose professional movers was founded by two brothers who were helping their neighbors relocate every summer. This brought them so much joy and made them realize this is what they want to do. In 1999. They finally started their own business by themselves and just one truck and now over 20 years later they are top notch movers. 

2. What is your goal?

This question might not seem so necessary but you will learn a lot about the moving company by asking this. A lot of moving companies care more about the money than satisfying their customers. 

Our goal is to provide our customers the services that they need and do that service the best way possible. We have over 20 years of experience behind us and a lot of happy customers. We like to think that those happy customers made us what we are today and that is why we always try to do our best to make you satisfied. 

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3. Are you licensed and insured? 

Every reliable moving company has license and insurance, if your moving company does not, DO NOT HIRE THEM. This is a red flag because how can they guarantee your items will be safe with them without license and insurance. 

Our company is both licensed and insured and we have basic coverage insurance that will be included in your final price. 

4. Do you check the background of your employees?

It is important to know what type of people are going to be working with your belongings, so this would be a pretty useful question to ask your operator. 

Yes we do check the background of all of our employees, because we want to hire the best people who will be able to satisfy all of your needs and necessities.

5. Are your movers experienced and trained?

A good moving company will make sure to provide their employees with the best training needed for their job. San Jose professional movers go through tough training to become the top notch movers. 

professional movers

Questions to ask about the services: 

6. Are you offering the service that I need? 

Firstly you need to know if your moving company can provide you with the exact service that you need. A lot of apartment movers who do not specialize in office moving are claiming that they are office movers too, you need to pay attention to that when looking for a moving company. 

We can provide you with the best San Jose professional movers,residential movers, apartment movers, commercial movers, storage movers… so if you are interested in any of those services you can call us and ask if you have any additional questions, we will be happy to answer.

7. Are you offering partial moving services?

If you do not have financial ability or you are just not in a need to hire full moving services, you can take partial moving services just for packing and unpacking or loading and unloading, whatever suits you better. A lot of moving companies offer that so make sure to ask, since this will save you some much money. 

Like every good moving company we can offer you partial services, our packers and movers will be so happy to work with you and help you with the packing and unpacking process. Also we can provide you with the strongest movers in town who will load and unload all of your belongings for you. We have the perfect size of the truck waiting for you, so call us to book right now.

8. Can you make an inventory list? 

This question is often forgotten, but it is actually really important. If you do not have time to make one yourself, ask your moving company if they can provide you with this service. 

Having a moving inventory list will be helpful throughout this whole moving process. First when you start packing, then when you start loading your moving vehicle and finally when you start to unload and unpacking. This list will also help you if something gets damaged or stolen, because you will have the list of all your belongings and their condition.

9. What will this whole moving process look like?

You should ask the person on the phone to explain the whole moving process, so you can be aware of everything that needs to be done before, during and after the move. If they are professionals they will go through this whole process with you step by step. 

If you are looking for a company that has workers who care about their customers you have found us. San Jose Professional Movers have the best employees and best customer service, who are available 7 days a week. Do not wait and call our operator right now and they will answer all of your questions and do everything to help you go through this move.

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10. What if something gets damaged?

This question is so important to ask because you need to know will your moving company cover the cost for damaged or lost items. Every professional moving company will offer this, so if the company that you called does not offer to cover for the damage done to your belongings it might be the best to find a new one. 

Since we are top notch movers, we will most definitely cover the cost of damaged or lost items. We are your trustworthy and quality movers, who you can rely on.

11. Do you have all the equipment needed and is it top notch? 

You can trust everyone with precious belongings, you need to find quality movers and you need to make sure that your movers own everything that will be needed from equipment for your move and that their equipment is high quality. 

12. Can you move very large items? 

If you own a piano, hot tub, some special type of refrigerator or maybe some big yard decorations, you need to make sure that your moving company will move those items. A lot of moving companies do not move this type of service, so make sure to ask this before hiring movers.

13. Are there some things you would not move? 

Some things like weapons and ammunition, chemicals, food, medication or medical devices, plants, fireworks and things like that would probably not be moved by any moving company.

14. Will you be able to assemble and disassemble furniture if needed? 

A lot of large and heavy items can not be moved in one piece, so you might need this service. Professional movers will most definitely be able to do this, so if your moving company does not offer this service, maybe it is best to find another one. 

We will be able to assemble and disassemble your furniture, because we are the top notch movers. 

 assembling furniture

15. Can you provide me with the storage? 

In some situations moving out and moving in dates can be different, if you are in that situation now make sure to ask a moving company if they are offering storage units. If not you will have to find someone who does so make sure to think about this on time. 

16. Will I be able to track my shipment? 

Some moving companies will offer this, but some would not, it would be great if they do because you will always be able to know where your belongings are and when to expect them. If not you can always call your moving company and ask them about the shipment information. 

Questions about the price:

17. In what way do you charge your services?

There are few types of charging methods that moving companies use. They can charge by hour, by the weight of your belongings, based on the season or moving distance. We charge by the hour. 

18. How much will this move cost me?

Now that you know what type of charging your moving company is using, you can ask them for the final cost of the move. If you have a moving inventory list this will make things so much easier since your moving company will be able to provide you with the most accurate quote. After they establish the price, you should ask if that price is final or if there is maybe a possibility that price can change. We do not have any extra charges, except a flat fuel fee. 

If you are planning to move locally soon and need some affordable movers, San Jose professional movers are here for you, we will give you the free moving quote and make sure to send you the best and the most professional movers that we can find. If you are interested in moving with us, you can call us to find out what is the cost to hire movers or send us a message via website

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19. What is included in that price?

After you get your estimated price you should ask what is included in that price. Some moving companies tend to give you the estimated price that does not include all the services you will need and that can lead to making your final price even more expensive. That is the reason why you need to ask your operator that question and see if the price they gave you includes all the services that will be needed for this move to be successful. 

20. Do you have any discounts?

Chances of getting a discount from moving companies are really low, since most companies do not offer them, but you would not lose anything if you ask. If there is a slight chance of paying less than expected, why not take it. 

21. What payment options are you offering?

Most companies pay with cash and card but some companies will take just cash, so make sure to ask this ahead of time just so you can prepare. 

22. What is your cancellation policy?

Most people forget about this one, but this is so important because you never know what will happen. You might decide to stay at your current home or something unexpected can happen, for that reason you need to ask them about their cancellation policy. Most companies will charge you for cancellation or even take your deposit and that is why you need to be informed about this before deciding to hire them.