San Jose Professional Movers

San Jose Professional Movers

San Jose is an ever-progressive technological city where many young professionals start their successful careers. It is a city where you can make any dream come true. San Jose is the city of American Dream. Therefore, the demand for accommodation in San Jose is on the rise. If your career in this cosmopolitan city seems promising, you might want to consider moving to a better, more comfortable place. Once you have made the decision about your future moving destination, San Jose Professional Movers are there to assist you in your relocation process, residential or corporate.

San Jose Professional Movers are a reliable and affordable moving company that will exceed everyone’s expectations. Our staff is patient and tolerant who listens to your requests attentively. They are polite and hard-working people whom you can always trust. Since San Jose is a capitalistic city where free time is hardly found, our professional movers will be there for you even during the weekends. Our call center service is at your disposal 24/7, so you can arrange your moving date whenever you feel like it!

You don’t have to be burdened with packing and unpacking, or with loading and unloading. San Jose Professional Movers will do that for you. Bulky cargo has never been a problem for our sturdy movers as well. Now that you are certain that you have a reliable moving company, all you need to do is give us a ring and schedule your moving date! If you still haven’t decided where exactly to move to, we prepared a short text about San Jose to get you more closely acquainted with it and its neighborhoods.

About San Jose

Situated in the hub of Silicon Valley, San Jose is one of the most popular tourist and moving destinations. It is the largest city in Northern California, with the population of around one million people, being the third most densely populated city in California (after Los Angeles and San Francisco). San Jose belongs to Santa Clara County and is a part of San Francisco Bay Area.

San Jose is the home to ample high-tech companies, eBay, PayPal, Samsung, Acer, Adobe Systems, among many others, and it is therefore also referred to as the Capital of Silicon Valley. Due to its mushrooming economy, the city acquired the status of the third city in the world with the highest GDP per capita (after Zurich and Oslo). San Jose is said to be one of the cities that have the greatest quality of life in the U.S. and is ranked the third best city to live in (after Austin and Denver) check here. However, the cost of living is one of the highest in the nation, if not the highest. Living costs also exceed the U.S. average and are considered to be one of the highest in the country.

Similar to the majority of cities in San Francisco Bay, San Jose enjoys a subtropical Mediterranean climate. However, due to the surrounding mountains, San Jose is affected by several microclimates. Winters are usually mild, and summers comfortably hot and dry. The average winter temperatures are about 50 ⁰F, while summer temperatures average around 70 ⁰F. You can check the current weather on this website.

Although the use of metro lines is becoming more and more popular in San Jose, people still use cars primarily. Taken this into account, plus the fact that it is one of the most populous cities in the country, San Jose has some of the worst traffic congestion.

Where to Live in San Jose

Willow Glen – A warm and welcoming neighborhood of Willow Glen somehow manages to feel like a cozy little town despite its commute-friendly location just south of downtown San Jose. Prospective residents can choose from many Victorian and Spanish-styled homes usually built in the 1920’s and 1930’s. And for those looking for smaller and cheaper residence, Fruitdale Avenue has plenty of nice looking apartment complexes. Families and couples looking for a haven from big city nuisances find it in Lincoln Avenue, with its cozy sidewalk cafes and locally owned retails.

Downtown – The melting pot of Silicon Valley and the heart of San Jose, the once-dreary Downtown today is one of the most bustling metropolitan cities in the nation. Encapsulating everything that is new in the world of business technology, it is home to yuppies and the digerati – the cool young singles and couples who fuel Silicon Valley’s engine. It’s hard to get bored in this neighborhood since it is host to many special tech events, art exhibitions and unique festivals. One of the biggest perks of the neighborhood is the public, free, Wi-Fi network that spans through most of the public areas. As for the living, aside from many houses on offer, there is a wide range of newly developed lofts and condos that are bringing big-city urban living to San Jose for the first time.

Silver Creek – Considered one of the nicest areas in San Jose, this relatively new neighborhood of Tuscan-style homes carved into city’s southeast hillsides offers a sanctuary from the busy streets of Silicon Valley. Its biggest attractions are Silver Creek Sportsplex – the largest indoor fitness and sports facility in the country, and the prestigious Silver Creek Valley Country Club offering scattered lakes and breathtaking views.  As for home prices, they range from multimillion-dollar price tags on luxurious Mediterranean styled homes in the southern end of the neighborhood, to more affordable middle-class homes with shallow properties on the northern side.

Los Gatos – Situated on the edge of the valley with cottages stone’s throw away from hip cafes and antiques shops, Los Gatos is ideal for those longing for a boutique version of small-town life. On the other hand, Silicon Valley tycoons retreat to multimillion-dollar estates on the wooded hillsides above town. The highway bisects the town into the suburban east side and the charming downtown west side. One of the nature-lovers’ favorite spots is Vasona Lake County Park with its rowboats and paddleboats.

Cupertino – The small city of Cupertino might have landed on the map as world headquarters of Apple Inc., but the main reason why families with school-age kids are crazy about Cupertino are excellent schools and colleges, like Faria Elementary School which rates tops in the state in standardized testing and De Anza College, a highly regarded community college. Many businesses display the Asian influence, since almost half of the city’s residents were Asian in the 2000s. Prospective residents will either love or hate the Eichler homes – modest-sized mid century-modern homes of low-profile or flat roofs, open floor plans and center courtyards. Anyone who wants to experience real California living won’t make a mistake by choosing these homes which put emphasis on bringing the outdoors in.

San Jose real estate market is flourishing due to the great job opportunities. Since the San Jose has one of the highest annual salaries in the States, the prices of the houses are also exceptionally high. The median sales price is $820,000, with the price of a square foot of $570, and if you’d like to rent an apartment, you will have to pay around $3,000 a month. On Trulia’s website, you can find over 780 resale and new homes to rent or buy, 218 of which are open houses, while 551 homes are in the pre-foreclosure or auction. More about the homes in San Jose you can find  .

Zillow also offers a comprehensive search of homes in San Jose. Similar to Trulia, Zillow allows you to filter your search according to many factors, such as price, the number of rooms, location, etc.

However, if you don’t feel like you’re ready to buy a new home yet, you can always visit Airbnb’s web page, where you can find the most affordable accommodation to rent. You can rent the whole apartment, or a single room. Click here

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