Commercial Moving

Our business is moving your business. We are the commercial movers that make your move happen while your workflow remains uninterrupted.


What is a commercial move?

If you are moving an office of two or two thousand employees - you are looking at a commercial move. Commercial movers can be tough to find since a lot of residential movers claim they have experience in commercial moving as well.

When moving your business, it is very important to stay organized and on track from the first second. Every second your move is chaotic is one second you are not making money, which is why you are hiring commercial movers, to begin with. Good office movers will move your business quickly and safely, and you won’t have to worry about any downtime. You will be able to continue your business as usual.

Which commercial movers should I choose?

Hire commercial movers that are actual commercial movers. This means that they’ve encountered office moves before, tackled them successfully, and know how important it is to prioritize efficiency while keeping your valuables safe during the entire process.

Call different office movers and see what they offer, how they work, and how much experience they have. Look up “commercial movers near me” and check out their reviews. Make a list, compare them and then choose the one that fits your needs best.

You are looking for professional movers that will plan and execute your move with perfection because there is not much room for error when moving a business. You need movers you can trust.

mover move a bed

Mistakes to avoid during your commercial move

1 Leaving everything for the last second.

While your work might be more important than your move, you will be losing a lot more by starting to prepare at the last minute. Instead, start planning and packing ahead, little by little. You will avoid the unneeded stress on moving day - and save a lot of time and effort as well.

2 Hiring your commercial movers last minute.

It is very tough to find movers a few days in advance, so give them a call at least two to three weeks before to reserve your move. You don’t want the added stress just a few days before.

3 Leaving things unpacked.

You don’t want chaos on moving day, so make sure everything is packed and ready to go before your moving crew arrives. That way, you’re ensuring an easy in-and-out move.

4 Underestimating your move size.

Your company will probably require a full inventory list so they can send a truck according to the move size. Make sure your inventory is detailed, so unnecessary multiple trips can be avoided.