Living in Fremont

Located on the edge of San Francisco, Fremont will offer you a small community feel, even though there are more than 200,000 residents. Since it is close to Silicon Valley, you will have many job opportunities if you are looking forward to changing your career. Fremont is a place where you can work and play, which makes it perfect for everyone who wants to move here. Before making the final decision about moving to Fremont, we gathered some useful information that you can use before packing up your bags.

Weather in Fremont

Fremont enjoys a Mediterranean climate, typical of San Francisco Bay. Average yearly temperatures are around 70 ⁰F when it comes to high temperatures, while low temperatures average around 50 ⁰F. On this page you can check the weather forecast for the next few days. This great weather offers plenty of opportunity for recreation and entertainment, so that you will never want to leave this place again.

Housing and where to find homes for sale offers a huge array of houses and apartments you can rent or buy in Fremont. On Trulia’s website, you can also learn about demographics, schools or social and cultural life. Not only do they offer homes in Fremont, but also in its suburbs and nearby places. If you have decided that your future home will be Fremont, Trulia has around 140 new and resale houses you can buy. Estimated median sales price is around $910,000, with a sq ft of $615, while median monthly rent is $3,200. This website also allows you to check out the crime rate in each neighborhood. Another page where you can check the real estate market in Fremont is They offer a comprehensive list of various apartments – condos, townhomes, duplexes or something luxurious if you have money to burn. You can filter your search easily according to price, neighborhood, number of rooms and bathrooms, or other amenities.

Things to do in Fremont

Central Park – This is a perfect place for a stroll with your family and friends. A myriad of picnic spots, playgrounds and restrooms will make your stay here a most pleasant experience. This is a great place for sports as well, such as cycling, football, basketball or skating.

Coyote Hills Regional Park – If you want to enjoy Fremont sun-drenched winding paths, this is the right place for you. You can hide from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy marvelous views on the bay. You might even come across a herd of goats.

Mission Peak Regional Preserve – Similar to previous two spots, Mission Peak Regional Preserve also offers an opportunity for a good hike. Green hills and cows will teleport you to a time when technology was out of our reach. Your whole family will indubitably enjoy this splendid paradise.

Ardenwood Historic Farm – This is a lovely place with wilderness to explore. You can take a train tour through this wonderful area, and enjoy the butterflies that surround you in April. Or you can enjoy the greenery of the Victorian garden. Your children will be especially amazed by Ardenwood Historic Farm, so be careful that they have plenty of time to have fun there.

Niles Canyon Railway – You can take a ride through the canyon in a vintage train, where you’ll be mesmerized by the beautiful sight surrounding you. You’ll enjoy this place during holidays especially, since its festive atmosphere won’t leave you indifferent.


Local Moving in Fremont

Many people are not satisfied with their current houses or apartments, or with the part of Fremont they live in. It is never too late to start considering moving to a different and a more convenient home. Local moving is not that unusual, on the contrary. However, the mere thought of the relocation process is extremely tiring, but our professional movers are there to make this task as smooth as possible. They are tolerant, punctual and downright reliable. Choose your type of relocation – residential or corporate, arrange your moving date, and you’ll be only moments away from your new home! San Jose Professional Movers can do it all, so you can be sure that you are in safe hands. Our moving experts are here to guide you through the whole moving process and they will explain how the booking works. Our professional movers are extremely flexible, so you can choose any date when you’d like to move. Our employees are hard-working and are ready to start your moving process anytime you wish. All of our team members are trained and background checked moving experts, so don’t worry about the safety of your items.

Do I need to tip movers?

All of our packers and movers are having their salaries with San Jose Professional Movers, so you are not obligated to tip them. On the other hand, tipping became a part of our culture and it is always a nice gesture to tip someone who performed exceptional moving service. How much to tip the movers is completely up to you.

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Just finished a VERY difficult move of my architectural office. TONS (literally) of stone, wood and metal samples, equipment, heavy furniture, all up 4 flights of stairs. San Jose Professional Movers has the most efficient conscientious moving crews out there.

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