Santa Cruz


Living in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is the capital of Santa Cruz County and it is located around 75 mi south of San Francisco, and 32 mi south of San Jose. Santa Cruz was first settled by Spaniards in 1791, but its remarkable cultural diversity is one of its distinctive characteristics. Its stunning coastline, redwood forests, a myriad of different subcultures, and social liberty make this city a wonderful place to live in.

The weather in Santa Cruz is mild throughout the year, with a warm-summer Mediterranean climate. Winters are usually wet and cool, while summers are dry and warm. The average low temperatures are around 45 ⁰F and the average high temperatures around 68 ⁰F.

A city of numerous entertainment and tourist attractions, a city where everyone has the freedom to speak their mind, Santa Cruz is the perfect spot for young and thriving professionals who want to have fun. Ideal weather and unbelievable scenery make Santa Cruz one of the top moving destinations on the West Coast.


If you’re worried about your child’s education, afraid no more since Santa Cruz has many elementary schools (Happy Valley Elementary School, Tierra Pacifica Charter School, Bonny Doon Elementary School), middle schools (Pacific Collegiate Charter School, Tierra Pacifica Charter School, Mission Hill Middle School) and high schools (Pacific Collegiate Charter School, Cypress Charter High School, Santa Cruz High School) and colleges (University of California, Five Branches University, Rachel Carson College, Merrill College).

Housing in Santa Cruz

With interactive maps and charts, Trulia provides an extensive overview of the real estate market, demographics, schools, and lifestyle data. You can check out Santa Cruz neighborhoods, or you can check the availability and price of the houses. The median sales price of the houses in Santa Cruz is around $735,000, with the price of a square foot of around $610, while the median rent per month is around $2,700. Trulia is currently offering 95 new and resale homes, 31 of which are open houses and 37 houses in the pre-foreclosure.

Another website where you can find ample houses on sale is Zillow, where you can easily filter your search by the number of rooms and bathrooms, by its price, by its location, etc.

If you are thinking about renting a house, Airbnb is the right place for you. You can rent a whole apartment or only a single room. It’s up to you! Airbnb is the cheapest and most affordable online real estate market!

Neighborhoods In Santa Cruz

Seabright/Midtown – This vivacious neighborhood is loaded with bike shops, cafes and bars, street vendors, and musicians. People are extremely amiable and extrovert, so you do not have to worry about finding a good neighbor. During hot summer nights, you can enjoy beautiful bonfires on the sandy beach.

Downtown – Similar to Midtown, there are also numerous eateries, bars, and a lively street scene in Downtown. This area is also culturally rich, since the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History, Veterans Memorial Building, and Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium are located here.

Live Oak/Pleasure Point – Pleasure Point is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Santa Cruz. It is considered the suburbs of Santa Cruz, but the remoteness from the hustle and bustle of the city makes this area a temple of pleasure, as its name suggests. An abundance of beautiful mansions and bungalows make this place even more appealing to its future residents.

Westside – Westside area is the most densely populated neighborhood in Santa Crus. It is a hart of the local surf culture thanks to beautiful beaches. If you are a fan of mountain biking, Westside offers various biking tracks embellished with the natural beauty of Westside parks and forests.

US Santa Cruz – US Santa Cruz is a university neighborhood located in the hills of Santa Cruz. Over 10 colleges are located in this area, and the bucolic atmosphere in the magnificent nature is perfect for students who want to relax after an exhausting day at school.

Your New Neighbors In Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is perhaps one of the most culturally, economically and socially diverse places in the U.S. Social stratum ranges from the penniless to those who are extremely wealthy. This area is especially attractive to young people, so the heterogeneity of subcultures is quite understandable. The streets are crowded with hippies, punkers, surfers, but also with the elderly who found tranquility by the Pacific Ocean. Students galore make Santa Cruz a 24-hour energetic city that arouses a never-ending inspiration, innovation, and creation.


Moving to Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is a city with a booming real estate market, and its population is increasing every second. Its beautiful scenery, lovely beaches, and diverse culture are what entice many young people to move there. Even though moving to another home can be a nerve-racking experience, you do not need to worry, since our reliable movers and packers are always there to help you out!

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