Living in Pleasanton – A Town For Everyone

Pleasanton is a suburb in the San Francisco Bay Area in Alameda County, California, with a population of 77,682 people, located near Oakland and Livermore. It is a white-collar city, with almost 93% of the workforce employed in white-collar jobs. People living in Pleasanton mostly work in management (18.22%), sales jobs (11.77%), and math and computer science (10.79%).

People living in this area are striving for an active community that helps residents with their needs regarding life in Pleasanton. If you are interested in joining a nonprofit organization, some of the most popular ones are the Pleasanton North Rotary and the Valley Humane Society. As for education, students are able to take high-quality classes owing to a public school system that ranks among the Top 10 School Districts in California. It features Foothill and Amador Valley comprehensive high-schools that are rated among the best in the nation.

Families with children should have many reasons to consider Pleasanton as a place to live. First of all, Pleasanton is an area where social ties between different families are easily developed both by parents and children. Second, it provides healthy surroundings for young adults with its good public school district and a large population of college-educated adults. But the most important of all is the local stability of the town, reflected in a high rate of owner-occupied family homes, and overall crime rate which is lower than average for the country.

What To Do In Pleasanton

Pleasanton has 1,200 acres of surrounding parks, open space, and trails which offer numerous activities for sports enthusiasts. Feeling like trying out golf? Just stop by the Calippe Preserve Golf Course which includes both newbie-friendly holes for beginners and more difficult ones for those playing for a longer period of time. However, if you are looking for some more adrenaline, visit the Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation Area which features a waterpark with slides, hiking, fishing, swimming, and picnic area.

Each Saturday morning on Angela, off Main Street, a farmers’ market is set up. Sellers always prepare a wide variety of items and will let you have a taste of their products. And since there are usually more sellers with different prices, you can always shop for a better price.

Another tradition is the popular First Wednesday celebration when every first Wednesday of the month, Main Street is blocked to traffic and embraces a street fair atmosphere – booths are set up in the center of the street and there are a lot of different event-related activities for passers.

For those who like to listen to some good music, every Friday from June until September, a different local band performs in the evenings at the Lions’ Wayside Park. But don’t be surprised if it’s crowded since some of the locals start laying blankets in the park on Friday morning just to reserve their spot on time.

Pleasanton Real Estate Market Overview

You may be looking for a place to rent on a monthly basis, or a new flat or a house to buy. Whichever the case, you might want to investigate some more about the current real estate situation with prices and available listings. To help you with your home search, we took some time to investigate and found these helpful websites:

On this Trulia website, you can find more about Pleasanton’s neighborhoods, real estate market, education, demographics, lifestyle, etc. At the moment, there are 121 resale and new homes available in Pleasanton, including 48 open houses and 30 homes in the pre-foreclosure or on auction. The median sales price of homes in this area is estimated to be around $990,000, with a price per square foot of $517. On the other hand, if you are looking for a new place to rent, have in mind that the average rent per month in Pleasanton is currently $3,625.

An excellent real estate market website is Zillow, that present information about homes on sale in Pleasanton. What makes it that great is the option to filter your search results by different categories such as price, number of rooms, neighborhood, building type, etc. There are currently 152 homes for sale according to this site, so if you want to find out more about them.


Moving to Pleasanton

Stunningly charming and culturally prosperous, Pleasanton CA is one of a kind place to visit as well as to live. With its exceptional cultural and art events, rich history, and all the education and services one could need, it is unquestionably a world-class city in every aspect. If you’re already a Pleasanton native and you know just how awesome this town is but you need to relocate, San Jose Professional Movers are here to give you a hand or two in the process.

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However, if you still need more information about the city itself, take a look at the rest of the article and you just might find the piece of the puzzle you were missing to choose your perfect Pleasanton neighborhood. Our strong recommendation is to visit the websites suggested in the text, since they can be more helpful in finding a precise answer to your questions.

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