Los Altos


Living in Los Altos

Regarding your new place of living, Los Altos, located on the east side of Long Beach, is a perfect solution and there are many reasons for it. The weather is excellent, with a warm and temperate climate. The average temperature in August is about 20 degrees Celsius, while you can expect 9 degrees Celsius in January.

The crime rate is low, schools are great, and it is a family-friendly city. It is a quiet residential area, perfect for raising children.

The quality of life in this city is very high. However, the cost of living is also a little bit higher than the US average. According to the survey of Sperling’s best places, the costs of living in Los Altos, including the prices of housing, groceries, health care, transportation costs, utilities are higher than the US average, but still, the quality of life is marked as better than in surrounding cities.

North and South Los Altos

Depending on what part of Los Altos you choose to live in, North Los Altos or South Los Altos, there are many advantages for both of them.

North Los Altos is close to Palo Alto and Mountain View. It takes you about 20 minutes to commute to South Bay at peak times. It is close to El Camino and Central Expressway. This is the area with homes on quite large lots. There are beautiful places to eat in classic family-owned diners and shop at pedestrian-centered downtown streets, First Street and Main Street.

South Los Altos is a moderately walkable neighborhood, which offers available real estate and easy access to nearby communities. There are many older ranch-style homes, which are a mix of Mediterranean and Craftsman styles. Newer midcentury modern houses are much larger than the older ones, and they are scattered throughout. Homes in this area are significantly less expensive than in North Los Altos. There are several decent sized parks, and a lot of them have tennis courts. While the residential parts don’t have streetlights or sidewalks, the Eichler neighborhood stands out with harmonizing, beautiful street lamps, as well as underground utilities.

There are seven shopping districts within Los Altos where you can get just about anything you need. However, depending on where you live, you may have to drive to get groceries, heading to Nob Hill in Mountain View, or Cupertino and the local Rancho Shopping Center, which are convenient for all your needs.

Things to do in Los Altos:

There are great parks in Los Altos where you can spend some quality time with your family. Its residents take part in Art and Wine Festival, pet parade, festival of lights parade, concerts, held in the parks all year long, New Year’s Day fun run, downtown movie nights, and a great farmers market.

For those really who want to experience a downtown restaurant scene, Castro Street in Downtown Mountain View is only a couple miles away from the center and closer for residents of South Los Altos to visit than downtown Los Altos.

Recommended and worth visiting: Los Altos History Museum, Woodland Library Branch, and Los Altos Main Library.

Los Altos Estate Market Overview:

If you wonder what the housing market looks like and where to find a list of available houses on sale, San Jose Movers can offer you some sites to watch:

Zillow.com – gives you an extensive database of properties, currently on the market and other home-oriented information. It is an attractive real estate, dedicated to empowering its customers with all the data, including the map with the exact position of homes and distance to other parts in the area.

Redfin.com – provides you service with local agents, who know all detailed info about the particular area of the homes on the market. They use online tools to make your search smarter and faster.

Realtor.com – at the moment it has the list of 102 homes in Los Altos, sorted by lowest and highest price, newest listing, open house date, price reduced, and largest square feet. The Realtor provides a comprehensive source of for-sale properties and professional expertise to help people find the most appropriate home for their family.

Some other sites you can visit Trulia.com


Moving to Los Altos

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