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If you always wanted to achieve the perfect balance of work, life and play, take a look at what Santa Clara has to offer. Known for having an excellent mixture of old and young residents, Santa Clara offers many excellent contents such as shopping plazas, historic museums, and nature parks. It has an estimated population of 126,215 residents, and with its great central location near all the major expressways, it allows easy access to anywhere you’d like to be in California. But, let’s talk more about living in Santa Clara.

Job Opportunities and Educational Options

Santa Clara is located in the center of Silicon Valley and is home to the headquarters of several high-tech companies such as Intel. It is without doubt a white-collar city, with almost 90% of the workforce employed in white-collar jobs, well above the national average. The most popular industrial branches are computer science and math (15.67%), management positions (11.57%), and office and administrative occupations (10.87%).

Although the per capita income in Santa Clara is estimated to be around $43,000, which is wealthy relative to California and the nation, this city contains both very wealthy and poor residents as well. It is also an extremely ethnically-diverse city, given the variety of racial and ethnic groups that call it home. A high percentage of its population was born in another country – it amounts to 41.12%, and the most important languages spoken here, except English as primary, include Spanish and Chinese.

As far as education is concerned, Santa Clara is viewed as one of the best educational districts in the United States, with an average class size of 30 students in schools. This enables students to get that special one-on-one attention from their teachers. There are four post-secondary schools in the Santa Clara area as well: Jesuit College, Mission College, Golden State Baptist, and the largest, Santa Clara University – the oldest higher learning institution in the state of California.

Living Green in Santa Clara

And did you know that Santa Clara is a green-friendly city as well? Even though you may not have thought much about moving to this kind of community, there are many perks of doing so. For example, Santa Clara participates in a recycled water program, which all their school and park sites use.

Where to live in Santa Clara

It may be a bit hard to easily find a perfect place to live in Santa Clara, considering the fact that not only its home prices are among the most expensive in California, but its real estate also consistently ranks among the most expensive in America. That is why we recommend new residents to rent before they own – it might be the right choice until they are sure they’re content in the community. Be that the case, they can expect to pay a minimum of $1,500 a month for a one-bedroom unit. Discovering an ideal but affordable neighborhood in Santa Clara might be a hard mission, but don’t worry because we got you covered – here is a short description of all the main neighborhoods in this area:

Homestead Road is a neighborhood that rates high among the wealthy, being an affluent area where the upper middle-class reside. The El Camino Real is also a luxurious area to live in; it’s in walking proximity to parks, entertainment and shopping. The Victorian and new luxury apartments are nested in the center of downtown, perfect for those who want to live within walking distance to great activities and the freeway to hop on and travel to San Jose or San Francisco. Stevens Creek Boulevard, Miramar Way and Benton Street are home to many middle-class families with children who appreciate living close to the school system. And if safety is something you really care about, then check out some of the safest areas to live in town: Pruneridge Avenue, Benton Street and Bower’s Avenue. If you’re looking for a mixture of older homes and new homes, the Lawrence neighborhood nicknamed Urban Suburbia is for you.

As many of the homes in Santa Clara are now solar powered, the utility costs are decreased, and a healthy environment is being provided. So just living in some of its neighborhoods makes it easy to say that you are somehow giving back to the planet.


Moving to Santa Clara

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