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Union City is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and is a part of Alameda County. It consists of 15 neighborhoods and it is very close to San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland. This 19.3 square-mile-city has a population of around 72,000 citizens, and it is known for its high ethical diversity (including white Americans, a large percentage of Asian and Hispanic people, English, German, Portuguese, Afghan citizens, etc.). It is one of the most convenient places to live on the West Coast due to its great education system, low crime rate, and the opportunity to find a decent job. Its booming economy and technological development are the main reasons why this city has gained momentum amongst young professionals and young families. Its real estate prices are higher than in the rest of the country but significantly lower than in the rest of California. Union City has a well-developed way of commuting, so if you don’t like being stuck in a traffic jam, you won’t regret it if you choose to use public transportation.

The ever-growing community of Union City has made it a lively and vibrant place full of interesting attractions. A small child, a teenager, an adult, or the elderly will certainly find their own way of entertainment. You can engage in various activities, such as Safari Park, Oakland Zoo, Pacific Pinball Museum, Computer History Museum. Or you can enjoy watching whales at Sea Goddess Whale Watching. If you are a wine lover, you can be certain that you won’t be disappointed but its quality in Union City.

Neighborhoods in Union City:

DeSoto – This might be one of the most affordable neighborhoods but that also has a very high quality of life. It is an older internally cohesive neighborhood with numerous Ranch-style homes, which actually look quite appealing when taken care of. DeSoto’s beautiful gardens and lawns make this neighborhood a more comfortable place to live. Even though the cost of living is lower in this part of the city, the crime rate is not at all high. Education quality in this neighborhood is average.

511 Area – This is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Union City, but still affordable. Most of the homes are modern, with red-tile roofs and well-tended lawns that provide an intimate atmosphere. This suburban area offers high-quality educational institutions such as Delain Eastin Elementary School, Alvarado Middle School or Logan High School.

Hall Ranch – This triangle-shaped neighborhood is a very nice area to live in. Its mid-70’s townhomes with red and brown tile roofs attract more and more young families that want to settle somewhere. There are all the amenities you can ask for – several churches, great schools, a beautiful park, a tennis court and a couple of nice restaurants and local shops.

R & D – R & D is the most expensive and the most affluent neighborhood in Union City, but its quality is in accordance with its price. Most of the houses are luxurious and brand new, so if you have some money to burn, you might want to consider moving to this great area. With great schools, beautiful vicinity, and invaluable tranquility, you won’t be disappointed if you choose precisely this neighborhood. Furthermore, you will be very close to San Jose if your job is located there.

Station District – This suburban area is the home to Union City’s great shopping mall, so if you are more of a cosmopolitan type and don’t mind the noise, this might be the right neighborhood for you.

Housing in Union City

On Trulia’s website, you can find various homes for sale – apartments, houses, townhomes, condominiums, and many more. Apart from the real estate market, it provides useful details about the demographics, education, neighborhoods, culture, and lifestyles in Union City. Its advanced website allows you easy access to all the above-mentioned information. According to Trulia.com, the median sales price of real estate is $741,500, with a square foot of $461, and if you would like to rent a house, it would cost you around $3,500 a month. At the moment, Trulia.com has 41 resale and new homes, 6 of which are open and 39 in the pre-foreclosure, auction, or bank-owned stages of the foreclosure process. You can check it out.

Another useful tool for searching a perfect place to live is Zillow.com. It is an online real estate market where you can find useful information about the price of homes in Union City. Looking for a new place to live has never been easier with Zillow’s interactive maps and charts.

You can filter your search according to the type and size of the house, its price, location, amenities, etc. Everyone will be able to find something tailored to their needs in the wide range of homes that are currently being advertised on Zillow.com. At this moment, this website is offering 48 homes for sale in Union City. Follow this link if you want to find more information about these houses.

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Moving to Union City

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