Mountain View Professional Movers

Mountain View Professional Movers

Mountain View is a city with a booming real estate market, so many people are considering moving to a different place. You might want to move to an apartment closer to your workplace, or you would only like to live in a more comfortable and a more spacious house. Or you would like to bring up a family, so the noise of the city is something you want to avoid. No matter what your reason for relocating is, Mountain View Professional Movers will assist you with anything you have in mind. You can always trust our reliable company that will respond to all your needs.

Our team consists of tolerant and hard-working people who will listen to all your requests attentively. They will work even during the weekends, so you don’t have to worry about your moving date. You can choose any day you like! If you have found the right place to live, you can call our 24/7 service to arrange your moving date, and our efficient staff will begin your relocation process right away! We offer a wide range of services, both corporate and residential. We will take care about your bulky cargo, about loading and unloading, packing and unpacking, or about climate-controlled supplies moving. To find more information about the services we offer, call our service that is always at your disposal.

If you are still not certain what your future home will be, you can take a quick look at the short text about Mountain View that we created for you and visit the suggested websites for house sales or rentals.We realize that finding a perfect home is a difficult task, so for that reason, we decided to create a short text about Mountain View and its real estate market.

About Mountain View:

Mountain View is a 12.2 square mile city with the population of 74,066 people. It is a part of Santa Clara County and it received its name by the view it has of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Mountain View is in the immediate vicinity of the San Francisco Bay and Paolo Alto, Los Altos, Sunnyvale, and Moffett Federal Airfield. This city is the hub of the latest technology, being the home to some of the most popular IT companies, such as Google, Symantec, Mozilla Foundation, Intuit, among many others.

The climate of Mountain View is warm-summer Mediterranean, where summers are usually dry and wet, and summers moist and mild. The Pacific Ocean also has a noticeable effect on Mountain View’s climate, moderating both seasons. Daily mean temperatures in January average 50.7 ⁰F, while daily summer temperatures average 68 ⁰F.

Being in the heart of Silicon Valley, it’s no wonder that Mountain View provides free Wi-Fi, so you’ll be able to keep in touch with your closest ones wherever you go. On the on hand, Mountain View offers numerous technological conveniences, while on the other, it gives you an opportunity to run away from hustle and bustle of the city, reconnect with nature and recharge your batteries. You’ll be able to enjoy biking, hiking or jogging in a 750-are natural reserve, while those who are adventurous and into daredevil activities will be able to try their hand at countless water sports.

Mountain View is a place where you can enjoy various street performances, concerts, festivals, plays, etc. This city also prides itself on having one of the best green markets with organic food in California. Given these facts, Mountain View is proved to be a vibrant and vivacious city with most iconic skylines and landscapes that will steal your heart in an instant. This ever-developing city encourages its citizens to develop themselves as well, making them cherish the core values, such as mutual respect, motivation, dedication, but above all, art, love and life.

Where to Live in Mountain View:

  1. Old Mountain View – This might not be the most affluent neighborhood in Mountain View, but it certainly has a strong sense of community. Its numerous restaurants, cafes, and shops create friendly and pleasant atmosphere where everyone will feel at home. Even though this neighborhood is modest and might be lacking in elegance, it is a lively place full energy and enthusiasm that permeate throughout.
  2. Cuesta Park – One of the most famous hospitals in this part of the country, El Camino Hospital, is located precisely in this area and has contributed significantly to the rise in Cuesta Parks’ population and development. This neighborhood is constantly working on its citizens’ inner and outer well-being, providing them with free lectures, programs and opportunities for recreation. You have a mixture of luxurious and low-priced houses, so everyone should be able to find something in accordance with their needs.
  3. Blossom Valley – Blossom Valley is a quiet and traditional neighborhood with the myriads of Ranch houses situated in lush tree-lined streets, giving it a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. Although this is not one of the best-off neighborhoods, you can always design your living space any way you wish. It is very affordable, so you don’t have to spend millions of dollars on a house only because it is located in an elite neighborhood.
  4. Cuernavaca – Due to frequent foreclosures in Cuernavaca in the recent years, the price of its real estate has significantly decreased. This is one of the most diverse areas of the city and is therefore suitable for young professionals, families, college students, and even for the elderly. This area perfectly reflects the Mediterranean-style homes, which draws future residents to settle precisely in this area.

Mountain View Real Estate Market Overview:

Choosing the right place to live is never easy, so if you still haven’t reached the decision about where exactly you are going to move to, you might want to consider visiting the following websites:

  1. – On Trulia’s website, you can find more information about Mountain View – about its neighborhoods, real estate market, lifestyle, education, demographics, etc. According to, Mountain View’s median sales price of homes is $1,414,000, with a price per square foot of $1,022, and if you cannot afford to buy a house yet, you can always rent one, but you will have to pay around $4,375 a month. Trulia currently has 51 houses on offer, 16 of which are open houses, and 5 in the pre-foreclosure or auction.
  2. – is an exhaustive online real estate market where you can find up-to-date information about houses on sale in Mountain View. You can filter your search according to the neighborhood, prices, number of rooms, type, the proximity to certain facilities, etc. Its interactive maps are of great help as well, since you will be able to match the price of the house and its location. On this website, you can find more than 60 houses on sale, so you can examine them closer.
  3. – In case you are not financially stable yet to buy a place to live, you can simply consider leasing one. Airbnb is a trustworthy and affordable website, where you can rent a house, an apartment or a single room for a longer period of time or for a couple of days. If you are suspicious of potential landlords, you can always check reviews about them posted by their previous tenants. Airbnb currently has more than 150,000 users from all around the globe.

We hope that this article was helpful and that you are closer to the final decision about your following moving destination. Our 24/7 service is at your disposal, so you can give us a ring and get closely acquainted with all the details about your moving process. Trust Mountain Professional Movers, because of the ever-growing network of loyal customers proves that we are a reliable moving company.

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