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It is happening, leaves are just beginning to change colors, temperatures are starting to drop and cool breezes are rolling in. Fall is here and winter is just around the corner. Summer is the most popular time to move because people tend to have more time off. But moving during the latter part of the year can have its advantages as well. Lower temperatures mean the work isn’t as grueling and since fewer people move during the fall and winter, affordable movers nearby are easier to book.

If you are planning on a local or long-distance move but missed the summer rush, don’t worry. We have a few great tips that will have you looking forward to a stress-free, end-of-the-year move. There is actually no better time to move than in the off-peak season. So in the following article, you will find out how and why moving in the off-peak season is a great idea for you! Please, continue reading to learn more! And to read more about our professional movers, click here.

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Advantages of moving during non-peak season

Scheduling affordable movers near you

Respectful, professional affordable movers near me, such as San Jose professional movers, will have more flexible scheduling during the off-peak season. Each moving company has a finite number of trucks, so you are competing for moving dates with everyone else who wants to move during peak season. In the winter months, when fewer people are planning to move, you might end up choosing the exact date you want your belongings to be picked up.

This is beneficial to many people! On the other hand, even if it is easier to schedule affordable movers in the off-season, make sure to plan your move on time. They may not be that busy, but it is better to schedule affordable movers nearby on time.

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Lower moving costs

Moving cost is surely one the most important factors for most people planning to move. Once you start researching for reliable affordable movers near me, the moving rates will definitely play a role in whether you hire that moving company or not. 

With most people moving in the summer, it is the busiest season for the moving industry and it is common that moving costs will be higher. And if you are on a tight budget and flexible with your moving dates, you should spend some time looking around for affordable movers nearby that fit your budget and moving requirements. 

With the summer winding down, the moving costs go down as well. In the fall and early winter, cheap movers Houston can lower the rates by as much as 30 percent. The number one advantage to moving during the non-peak season is lower prices. Moving can be costly, especially if you are traveling a long distance, but local moves are also not cheap. 

The good news about moving in the slower season is that credible affordable movers nearby will lower their costs to attract more customers. If you have a strict moving budget, consider arranging your move during this time to save yourself a ton of money!

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Flexibility on dates

It is always a good idea to book your move as soon as possible regardless of the time of year. However, throughout the non-peak season San Jose affordable movers have much more flexibility in their calendars to accommodate your preferred dates. Unforeseen delays or changes do happen in the buying, selling and moving process. 

Knowing your professional packers and movers have the flexibility to adjust and work with you will give you additional peace of mind during what can be a stressful time. In the peak moving season which falls in the spring and summer, your affordable movers nearby should be arranged at least 6-8 weeks before your move to ensure you get your required date.

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Colder temperatures make it easier to move

We all know how hard it is to do any physical work during the summer heat. To be honest, all the work done during the summer looks easy during any other season. This is exactly why moving during the summer can be a bit expensive. 

Not only is there a lot of work to do, but sometimes the temperatures can be very high, making relocation almost impossible. And in that kind of work condition moving companies won’t risk the safety of their professional movers. And for some reason, we tend to think that the colder weather will obstruct us when moving in fall or winter. In fact, the cooler air contributes to saving the energy we accumulate and use. Thus, when your San Jose affordable movers arrive to start wrapping and packing and loading your items, they will focus their energy better to finish the move on time. 

Now, one other reason why moving in the off-peak season is a good idea, besides avoiding high temperatures, is, of course, getting a better deal. With the cool weather, the most affordable movers nearby will be more than glad to work. If you think that cold weather can cause problems and issues for your relocation, then you may be wrong. We are not talking about extreme cold winter weather. More about that autumn and early winter season. It doesn’t rain that much during this period and you also won’t have to drive on the frozen road!

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Smoother shipment

Why autumn and early winter you ask? Well, because the traffic is not as bad as during the summer. When you avoid the peak moving season, you are also avoiding heavy vacation and traveling traffic. During the summer, there are more cars and trucks on the road than in the autumn and winter months, including moving trucks. 

Large trucks must obey the road rules and oftentimes are competing for space on the road, at weigh stations and even truck stops – causing unplanned delays. In the winter, you will have a smoother schedule. Also, it would be difficult to keep to the moving schedule because the delivery date would be hard to determine. Who knows what can happen during the transportation period, some traffic jams, accidents, reroutes, etc. 

This is one of the reasons why moving in the off-peak moving season might be the best idea you have. Because there is not much traffic, your transportation will be faster and affordable movers will be more efficient. And if something is efficient, then it is money-saving.

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More time to settle in

People typically spend a lot more time bundled up indoors when it is wintertime. Especially if you have children, the outdoor activities and events start to wind down and shift inside. During this quieter season, there is a lot more time to plan and settle in after a move. Unpacking, decorating, and organizing your belongings is much easier when you aren’t juggling your time with outdoor activities for your kids. Find some time to scout out your new area and discover all the nearby  attractions and amenities as well.

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Discounts on moving & storage

July and August are the busiest times for all professional movers. They tend to find themselves booked solid on a daily basis during the summer. Because of this, many moving and storage companies find themselves wanting to drum up more business in the fall and winter, especially in places that expect snow during the latter part of the winter. In order to do this affordable movers often offer discounted rates on moving packages after the summer is over.

By waiting until the fall or winter, many people save hundreds of dollars on their move. Discounts will always vary by affordable movers, so make sure to ask all of the moving companies you consider about special rates and discounts.

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Hiring professional affordable movers near me

Some of the most respectable professional movers can be booked solid during peak season. San Jose affordable movers are scheduling summer moves many months in advance. Likewise, in the peak months, fraudulent moving companies are more readily available, which can lead to a lot of confusion and frustration for some people! So last, but not least, the important factor for choosing to move in the off-season is the fact that you will get more attention from your chosen affordable movers near me. 

What we mean by that is that you will get to work with less busy packers and movers who will have more time to work out a deal with you. After you book your professional affordable movers, you will get to deal with less-pressed and stressed by deadline movers, who most times will not be in a hurry to another move or too drained after a previous job. Then you will be dealing with less busy dispatchers who will be available to answer more questions about your move and your delivery dates.

And what could be better than a less stressful move? 

Of course, make sure you are hiring licensed, insured and BBB accredited San Jose affordable movers to avoid problems when moving or with your final bill. Because of all of this, we do encourage those with flexible moving dates to consider an off-peak move to receive the best service and best value available. Our San Jose affordable movers are ready to provide you with a quote for your off-peak season move today!

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Our San Jose Affordable Movers Are Just What You Need

Moving is a daunting process, but hiring San Jose affordable movers nearby can take the hassle out of a move. By planning to move off-season, you can not only save yourself money but receive better customer service and attention to detail. If you are unsure of who to call, ask around. If you are moving out of an apartment complex or moving into one, ask the agents at the front office who they would suggest helping you move. 

Don’t just pick any local movers out of the phone book. Find a reputable, professional team of affordable movers to help you move into your new home and leave your troubles at the door. These are just some of the tips and reasons why moving in the off-peak season is a good idea! Not only will you have enough time to prepare, but you will even save money! Hopefully, you learned more by reading this article, and we can’t wait to hear from you! Go get your free moving quote now and see why we are the best affordable movers in San Jose CA!

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